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    London fan reviews & photos (part 4): Coldplay at Wembley - Saturday 19th September 2009

    magicball6.jpgMost of the Coldplayers who attended the Wembley shows have now returned home, and plenty of fantastic reviews of the two shows continue to be posted at the Coldplay Live forum. Here is the fourth part of the Wembley fan reviews, focusing on fan reviews of the Coldplay concert on Saturday 19th September. Thanks to each and everyone of you who has contributed with tweets, pictures, videos, reviews and of course masses of discussion so far!


    Just thought I'd pop in and say last night was AMAZING. White Lies and Girls Aloud were great. I managed to shout 'Oh my god you are so fit!' while Nicola Roberts was talking to the audience, got a laugh but not sure she heard me Jay-Z was sensational, I got to see him at Glastonbury Festival last year so I expected it to be awesome, but I didn't expect it to be better! Good to see everyone in standing near the front (where I was) throwing up diamonds for the great HOVA. So yeah, Coldplay. Wow. It was amazing. The last time I saw them was at Earl's Court in 2005 and shiiiiit they have upped their game. Very tight set, no technical hitches as I have been hearing of recently. Good effort. The rain was a godsend, it was so hot just before and it added to the atmosphere! COOL. Ok, ummm I'm not sure if any of that made sense but I just wanted to put my thoughts up on here for all to see. Ooooh yeah and after the gig I saw a few Coldplayers in their yellow t-shirts, was too shy to go up and say hi though. Anyway, ciao for noooow.. [thanks - DAN -]

    I actually was waited a moment after the last note of LIT2, anticipating he'd give some final words but he didn't ;(...and just gave the usual quick goodbye and went straight to the huddle with Phil and the others...which was SO cute and lovey ;P Maybe he just didn't think people were too interested...like this night being the last one was really only a big deal to the band (**nothing could be farther from the truth!)..and so maybe at that moment, he only had eyes for the people who share that importance (the band members ...and the others just faded out... I was surprised tho that there were people leaving even before they came back onstage for the encore...I was thinking 'OMG...are these people insane!...we won't be seeing the band for awhile after the next few minutes...and they're leaving?!'...hehe. But Chris especially certainly did look very tired...even from the start of the concert - ready to give it his final go but really having to push...I think they are so ready to disappear for a little...but also itching to play something new. Nonetheless...they've got one of the best jobs in the world...I'm so jealous... [thanks Lovers in NYC]


    20090919jam19.jpgThis was an awesome gig! I'm glad I made it to the final (official anyway) VLV gig and that the early start payed off. Thanks to KissesBirds and Angie, and Mimixxx for their cameraderie and tales from the road on tour during the long wait (which went very quickly!). I am truly envious you had so many gigs to go to Stateside. It was great also to meet many fellow Coldplayers for the first time, Ian and Jen, Chavi and Carla but shame Pete we missed each other again! I vote we have a post VLV tour catch-up some time in London? Words cannot express how much I felt about last night's gig: a mixture of exhilaration, excitement, and bitter-sweet sadness that VLV has come to an end. Thanks to Coldplay and Crew for putting on such an awesome tour and continuing to write such fantastic songs! Looking forward to the next album. [thanks Long Live Life]


    Back from London! Great gig despite the rain! I was in H&J and had to get my tickets at the box office. Arrived at 10 with my friend and amazed to see so few people...Recognized Camille in the lot ^^ (and I thought you said you didn't want to go to the box office dear?! XD). Saw Perrine and Aurélie (marsu) too! So cool! Opened at the right time and as soon as we get our tickets, direction queue!! Amazed again to see so few people! The queueing part pasted very fast, ponctuated by coldplayers visits (Chavi, Anna, Timon, Perrine to name a few...even met two lovely british ladies at the toilets queue, one had a puppet Chris, so cool ^^) Good to see so many lovely people again!!


    Then, it was time to enter! We managed to get near the b-stage along the ramp ^^ Not so far away was kristen (?) on my right, and Aurélie (marsu) on my left. Had a good view of the boys ass XD and of the main stage even if the butterflies thingy blocked a little my view! Had a text from Chavi saying she made it front row with the others..always on the right spot! So cool to see you guys on the screen and get a shout at by Jay-Z! During the waiting, I found the british audience really quiet... No shouting, no singing, no mexican wave...Even during the waiting time between Jay-Z and the boys, they were still quiet (exept for some roadie action...) Really weird atmosphere for me... White lies was good but Girls aloud...I thought I was dying...! Two girls behind me were really into it but me not...As well as Aurélie who was looking as dead as me...XDD Then Jay-Z came in and he managed to finally woke up the british audience!! About time! I don't like R'n'B and didn't know much about him but I found myself screaming and dancing hands in the air like crazy!!! Had a great time!!! Great performer! Then waiting time again and rain started pouring...So british The boys were great and I think the rain electrified everyone, included myself!! It created a really strange atmosphere but really magnified the songs! Yellow and IMP were totally berseck! I was too (like always, but maybe more than usual last night!). Had a great time during the b-stage section with a good view on the boys asses XD So good to see my dear Will that close, he always impressme by his energy! The c-section part was awesome too, and I finally had the occasion to hear Trouble live! I didn't cry last night but that was more than close on many occasion and that was one! Was again really amazed to see many people leaving the stadium at that part...so early... The encore was beautiful and I passed on 'almost-cry-but-not' when I saw the final huddle with Phil. Very touching moment ^^ After some butterflies hunting, I managed to see my fellow B-stage coldplayers again, so cool! But we parted really quick as we wanted to get the CDs (which was also an expedition since the security told us it was only hand on gate F or B...). We grabbed the last ones and headed home (bought one of the fake t-shirt on the way, find it funny XDD ->the one on the liveblog). Catched the last train!! [thanks a-chan]


    20090919jam5.jpgJust got back from london now! and WoW wat a concert...it was my first coldplay concert =D i joined the queue at about 11ish and there were only about 60-100 people in the queue so it wasnt too bad. also met some really nice people in the queue so wasnt too bad! but about an hour before they let us in...they squashed us all together for some reason..but the time went ppritty fast! once we go in it was a mad rush to the front...didnt do too bad only had 3 people in front of me so it was all good. White lies were good! first time i heard them and im actually gunna go out and buy their album cuz i really like them. Then came on girls aloud. now i didnt have huge expectation cuz from the previous days reviews they sounded shambolic but they wernt that bad. but i dunno all you can do is stand and watch them...cant really go crazy. in my opinion white lies out did them! Jay z really did set the bar high for coldplay...he was awesome! they guy really know how to put on a show. he played song that people know which made it better and the crowed went crazy when he played encore and 99 problems! BUT if i thought Jay Z was awesome then coldplay were just out of this world! cuz i havent been to one before, i cant compare..but this was unreal...soon as he came on the energy levels were off the roof...just before they came on it started raining...i dont know about anyone else who went but that put me in an even better mood. life in technicolor was just best start in the world...violet hill was perfect! i dont know about anyone else but i thought jonnys guitar on glass of water was slightly out of tune..but that may just be me lol.


    it was at yellow when my voice really started to go. it was a shame none of the bollons came our way but that dont matter!! They played every song to perfection. Viva La Vida and lost were just awesome cuz you get to see them all close, so it was good! I thought i had alright speaker at home and when i play politik i put them up with the bass to feel the full force...but i realised that you haven't heard the real politik unless you see them live! the full force of them giving it all is crazy. it was just a day i will never ever forget and im glad to see them now! [thanks mayurshikotra]


    I posted this on the Tampa thread, but this was about The Aftershow party My hubby and another couple were invited too, I was very lucky!!! I am HOME! I just don't know where to start so, I will say a few things then if you have any questions I will try and answer for you. We got picked up at 5pm, the other couple who won, were very excited, loved Coldplay, but wouldn't recognize them if they were if front of them, as you will read alittle later, We got to the venue, and followed signs that said "Band Friends and Family" with arrows to follow, got to the line and I went up and told them my name, and she said enjoy and handed me my envelope, I am pretty sure this was Arlene as I have seen her pics, I stepped to the side and the other couple went up and Arlene acted like your not on the list, while holding their envelope behind her back, and Leeanne said, "But we won the same as them" looked like she was gonna cry, we opened the envelope and found 2 tickets in the first level seating, they were 3 rows ahead of us. There was allittle slip of paper that Read "AFTERSHOW PART TONIGHT AT WEMBLEY ARENA" then told us directions, Well we almost shit ourselves, hugging each other and trying to catch our breath.


    We missed White Lies, and took our seats, THIS PLACE WAS MASSIVE!!!!! Our seats were ok, but the stage looked small, so the pics I took were good, but were of the jumbotron. I had to seats opened next to us, that I was praying nobody would sit down so I could stand and dance, I got lucky, I was the only person standing and singing every song, and doing the hand cross of strawberry swing, only when ViVa came on did people stand, pissed me off, but was in "My own little Bubble". I had tears for almost every song playing, Viva was deafening, Fix You the same, Chris messed up on THP AGAIN, it's so scripted I had a blast!!!


    The after party, was cool, lot's of music playing, this area had 2 floors, we decided to go upstairs cause they had nice comfortable looking sofa's, got our drinks, and the only couch open was by this open door, that had a window, that you could see in if you sat up on the couch abit, the doors had security and was letting nobody in. I thought Hmm, this is where they are. BINGO, Jonny came walking out all full of smiles and as he walked 3 feet away I said" Hi Jonny", he turned to me and said "Hello there" all smiles. He was in a very happy mood, laughing with everyone, and chatting, I got up and moved over to the railing and snapped a pic of him which turned out great, then I moved closer to our couch and took another one, turned out great, all of a sudden I felt someone over my shoulder, it was KELLY, he scared the shit out of me, he said softly.. "What are you doing?",I said "UMM taking a picture of Jonny, he said, "Put the camera away for me", he was actually not too bad, he just scared me, and I put my hands up and said "Hey no problem, not a problem" Cussing under my breath, because for the next hour he kept looking my way making sure I didn't do it again, He told another girl off abit later and he wasn't as nice to her.


    WILL comes walking out with his wife, and I said "Hello Will" he turned smiled and said, "Hello", this is hard to not look like a FAN cause he was sitting at the couch next to us talking away with people. Took a few sips of my drink, look thru the window and the MAN was standing there, had just gotten a shower cause his hair was really wet, he looked thru the doorway, and put his hoodie on with the cap part. I looked at him and he went back in, KELLY still by the doors side, Just then I see Gwyn, man she is so pretty, she was walking and bobbing her head to a Jay Z song that was on. Chris sat down on a couch behind the doors in full view and looked like he was doing an interview, Gwyn stood by him, smiling the whole time, and then I sat back down, and then when I looked back again, she was sitting on his knee, sorry no pics of any of this, and I wouldn't have taken it anyway's. I was shocked they were together in full site of the people on the other side of the door. I will say this.... They are very much together, they were very lovey dovey towards each other, I told my husband, that they wouldn't come out here together, and they didn't. Chris came out and walked 2 feet from us and went to Will's couch and signaled him to go in the back, I guess it was for an interview, as Chris walked past us I said " Hi Chris" he looked like alittle kid and looked our way smiled and said, "Hey, how ya doing?" SMILING like he does. That was all my contact with any of them, I couldn't sneak any pics! I will post pics tomorrow when my daughter gets home, and they will be on facebook, feel free to ask me anything if I didn't touch on any questions you might have. The trip was amazing!!! Oh we didn't get to bed until 3:30am this morning, "Ya know Partying all night with the boy's" and we had a 7am wake up call and the long flight back.


    Oh and when Chris walked by the couple we were with didn't recognize him and they asked me if I thought he was coming out, I said He walked 2 feet away from you and even said Hello. I had to point out Will and Jonny also Guy was Nowhere to be seen. Oh and gosh I forgot, Phil came out and had a beautiful blond on his arm, I guess it's his wife, he's married right? See I keep forgetting everything.... MILLER came to the security door, and tried to go thru and they told him NO, he just shook his head and walked off, didn't argue with them or nothing, and who's the older guy that manages them? I don't know his name, but when they did the Morning show in NY he was interviewed??? I saw him all over the place. That doesn't even cover alot of our trip, but thought you wouldn't want to hear that, just the juciey stuff. [thanks MartinFan]




    Photos of Coldplay at Wembley stadium, London, UK (19th September 2009):
























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