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    More Editorial Than News

    There isn't a whole lot of Coldplay news to report tonight, but I read some things related to the upcoming Glastonbury Festival that made me want to post.


    First off, one of the festival's main acts, The White Stripes, are talking about breaking up due to becoming too popular? It's amazing to think about how much of an effect popularity has on up-and-coming bands. It certainly affected Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder in the early 90s, and it looks like it is now taking its toll on one of the bands ironically labeled as "post-grunge."


    On a totally different subject, DotMusic.com is reporting that both Radiohead and Oasis turned down Glastonbury this year. Being from the U.S. I'm not as honed in on how bands compare to each other in England, but I'm guessing that if Radiohead had decided to play, Coldplay wouldn't be headlining. Even though I'm a huge Radiohead fan, I think it's great that Coldplay gets to headline Glastonbury this year. Especially since they've got the new album coming out later this summer.


    #Lastly, to make this worthy of a spot on my news page, I have one little tidbit of information to share: because of the events at Roskilde two years ago, security has been beefed up quite a bit for this year's Glastonbury Festival. Apparently a 1 million 'superfence' has been built to protect fans up front. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.


    Source: http://www.pleasureunit.com/coldplay

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