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    More Paris fan reviews: Coldplay King at Parc des Princes (plus new photos)

    magicball14.jpgMore fan reviews of Coldplay's concert at the Parc des Princes in Paris that didn't make the review article this morning, have been posted at the Coldplay Live forum. Thanks to all the Coldplayers who have contributed, as always!


    I was in 4th row just behind the coldplayers Chavi, Camille, Anna etc (who let me squizze in second row after the Viva remix *w*)... and just in front of Chris The show was AMAZING!!! My neck and shoulder hurt today, but i f*kin' don't care!!!! The boys were on fire as well as the crowd!!! Camille manage to show her banner to Miller who put his camera just in front of us!!! (Ihave blurry photos of him XD).


    I have great shots, I'm pretty proud of myself XD!!! Was good to see all the coldplayers!! For LRLRL, I thought that Chris was joking at first, but when he told us about the Fnac, we knew he wasn't.... I don't know if I'll get my CD cause I guess that just a few fnac in Paris that will deliver it and I'm not there anymore...

    But anyway, awesome night! It was fun to see the roadies, Chris and the boys smile at your banners!! I absolutely loved Chris' face with the 'your french is not merde' banner (which I have in action on some of my vids and photos XDD). He seemed amused and grateful for your understanding of our langage! XD As for the ambiance, my neck and shoulders hurt like hell today and I speak like robocop but I funkin' don't care! It was so much fun and I too can't wait to be at Wembley (even if I know that I'll be totally lost on the massiv crowd and not having you to kindly step aside for me...Thx you again!) You guys put also a lot of ambiance on the queue, itr was fun to hear you all sing at the very front!! I didn't cry (even if it was close, as always, on The Scientist) cause I was so overjoyed and we were all crazy last night but I'm sure Wembley and the perspective of not seeing them again for so long will bring a river of tears... (and Bat for lashe and FL were amazing!!!) Next, Wembley! [thanks a-chan]


    It was a really really great concert even if i found the atmosphere was better at bercy last year. Too bad the crowd wasn't as spontaneous as last time but still, I had a great time and enjoyed myself like crazy !!! I even saw Phil for the 1st time so it was cool. And Miller, Wayne etc... I took some pics of the roadies but i don't think they're very good. I"ll try to upload some of my videos later, if they're not too "shaky" Can't wait to see them again in Wembley D-11. Thank you Coldplay. [thanks maewilliams]


    Yep Noémie's right, it's been a week since he's (Chris) wearing a scarf live, and I think he said in Udine that he had a throat problem. Knowing he has to hold on 11 more days I guess he's just doing what's necessary to keep his voice in a good state so they don't have to cancel last gigs. That means he's good at performing the songs but he's not trying his never-ending ''cry'' after 42 nor saying too much bullshits in French compared to usually (but he did a bit though, which is cool cause we appreciate it). Don't think Tampa would have been cancelled for the same reason as I believe the first stadium gigs were fine, weren't they ? I dunno I just know that his voice in Munich wasn't great at all. [thanks Khalplay]


    I loved this concert too, it was amazing! As it was my last one, I particularly enjoyed it a lot. I'm so sad I won't be able to see them again... I arrived in this morning, later than what I wanted (I arrived around 10 am), but I got lost when I arrived at the metro station near the Parc des Princes, I couldn't find the right entrance... Ahlem (ze_scientist) and a friend of hers were waiting for me, as we agreed (I sold them a ticket). We waited there all day together, and it was really great for me because I went alone. I was really glad to meet them! I noticed there was already a lot of people waiting, probably around 100. I realised I wouldn't be able to get first row but I was still hoping to get a good spot! When the doors opened around 4:30pm, the girls and I didn't manage to stay together and afterwards I couldn't find them anymore. I ran as fast as I could and I arrived almost first row right in front of the middle of the stage. I was really surprised because I didn't think I'd get so close to the stage, I think I got really lucky!! I realised I was with a group of Coldplayers, I already knew Chavi (I was just behind her) and I got to meet the others, which was really great!


    It was hard to wait more 2 hours and I started to get really tired... But then Bat for Lashes came and everything became amazing. I already knew a little bit this band and I was really glad to see them live, because their music is excellent. Chavi started to scream the name of the singer (Natasha), and we were already all singing, jumping and screaming, so Natasha soon saw us and didn't stop looking at us and smiling, which was really great! Then came Flaming Lips. I didn't know them so well but they were amazing. We also got spotted by the singer, as we were still screaming and jumping. I think the singer really liked it! I realised how great it is to be front row, because being close to the stage means the artists can look at you and communicate with you, which is truly amazing! Then...everything passed in a hury. Camille was screaming Miller name, he finally appeared on the stage, put a camera on the stage, didn't look at the crowd, just glanced very quiclky at Camille's banner (which, by the way, I thought was amazing!! I took a picture of it), smiled and disappeared. I didn't think he was so shy...(but maybe he just didn't have much time). Magnificent arrived, we were all jumping and singing together, excellent. The Blue Danube and....LIT. I realised how much this entrance, with the Blue Danube's finale notes and the beginning of LIT, was AMAZING. It was so beautiful and I was so happy that I actually started to cry...!! I also realised how good the setlist was. I understood why they didn't change it, because it's a perfect setlist and well suited for big stadiums like the Parc des Princes. I was particularly happy to hear Glass of Water (the 1st time for me), Strawberry Swing and LIT ii, I think they are amazing live... There was no 'special surprise', as the setlist and the guys were the same as usual (= amazing!). I also noticed Chris seemed tired, not during the songs (he still shows how energetic he is! which still is really impressive), but after the songs (he was rubbing his eyes, for instance). And most of the time he kept his scarf around his neck.


    Actually, when at the end of VLV (you can see it in the video that Camille posted just below) he pretented to faint and he fell on the floor, it was so realistic that I actually thought he fainted for real... I got scared for a few seconds, as he stayed lying on the floor during what seemed to me an eternity, but then he got up again. I felt relieved... As Camille, I couldn't see stage C and I was really surprised!! I still don't know where they went. I also found it incredible how Chris insisted to read all the banners the girls had. I loved Chris' face when he read Camille's banner ('Chris, your French is not merde!'). Even Jonny and Guy smiled at the banners at the end of the concert! I'm pretty sure not every band do that kind of thing. They really want to get close to their audience and their fans and really pay attention to them, which I find amazing! At the end of the concert I was so exhausted but happier than ever, they really are the best band in the whole planet. [thanks Noémie]


    i arrived with my friend at 8:30am in the place i think. we waited in a bloody hot sun, though it was quite hard to me as i was fasting, specially for water, it was so hot. anyway, when finally it was 4:30pm we entered in the stadium pfiouuu it was time really so we had a great place, in the right front row, nice place to take Guy and Chris pics. but i was almost hard to have some pics of Jonny and Will this is so sad, anyway i think my friend succeeded in taking some pictures of the whole band. anyway, for the first parts with BFL and FL it was kinda fun, the music style wasn't really good for me but anyway it was so funny and the time ran very fast. so came 8:45pm i broken my fasting, finally i was eating my sandwhich in a hurry hahaha, cause in not even 15 coldplay will be on stage, hah they show up with LIT I as always, so good entry.


    though i had 3 unforgettable moments there very counting the show itself of course the 1st: well in the beginning i didn't notice it but Phil was just next to me, like 30 cm, when i saw his silhouette i reconized him directly. so i wanted to take a pic and as somehow my camera didn't want to work, i was getting angry but stopped by his beautiful smile to me, then he came just in front of me to let me take a good pics this time so kind of him. the 2nd: it was when Chris started to play on piano the beginning of 42, in fact i was wearing a 42 shirt i made myself, so as he started playing it i was waving my shirt like a man and screaming 42 out loud, he saw me and gave me the best smile that could exist so i smiled back. the 3rd and the most important: accidently my friend brought a fake flower in her bag. while coldplay were playing i took my friend's flower and i was waving it here and there, but i said to myself why not throw it on the stage hahah. honestly i wanted to be for Chris but he was moving and running everywhere it was almost impossible, then i changed my mind and decided to send it to Guy but you know, when i throw it and look in Guy's direction, well it wasn't him anymore, somehow Chris was in his place, so with wideeyes he took the flower and look at me with another beautiful smile i waved to him. from that moment he hold the flower in his hand waving it time to time and when they had to change their clothes he came back alone with his blue suit and look what happened he was still holding the flower and where?! in his pans' back pocket, that was so good to see him holding it again, it was like a symbol. something which make love coldplay more and more is that they care alot about their fans and that they shared really good moments with them. they're not only doing their job, that's very rare in other bands. [thanks ze_scientist]


    Coldplay at Parc des Princes, Paris (7th September 2009):


























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