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    Oasis singer Liam Gallagher lets rip into Coldplay's dresscode

    liamgallagher1.jpgHere is Oasis singer Liam Gallagher as you have never heard him before, digging out his soul and discussing fashion, Coldplay, Susan Boyle and the joys of Twitter in a startling face-to-face interview with CityLife journalist David Sue. Here's what he had to say about Coldplay in an interview with MEN CityLife, and in particular, their dress sense:


    "These days, all the geezers in bands wanna look like women. Like, why's everyone in bands wearing braces? If you're gonna wear braces, try buying a pair of jeans that fit. The worst dressed band have got to be Coldplay. What are those uniforms about? My kids have got play outfits that are better than Coldplay's. I mean, if you're gonna win a Grammy Award, don't turn up looking like binmen! Disgraceful. Make a bit of effort, I say."


    To illustrate this point, Liam has turned up for today's meeting looking like a walking billboard for his Pretty Green label; dressed head-to-toe in rakish mod attire (green parka, floral neckerchief, Sta-Prest trousers and blue desert boots) which he himself had a hand in designing.

    "For me, music and fashion have always come together," insists Liam. "It was the Roses and the Mondays that first brought those things together for me. Before they came along, bands all looked like sweaty rockers, like Guns N' Roses, it was all very gloomy. But then The Stone Roses came along and brought this big splash of colour. It was the music and the fashion, it came as a package.


    "With Pretty Green, it's all about my personal tastes. I'm not trying to make a massive statement about men's fashion and I'm definitely not gonna appear on TV with Gok Wan. I know Gok Wan pretty well, he's alright. I know him through the missus. But I won't be appearing on his show. Or Lorraine Kelly's. No chance."


    More on this at the Coldplay forum here onwards.


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