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    Oxfam release more details on fan-sourced In My Place film project

    Oxfam's GROW Campaign is asking Coldplay fans to take part in a groundbreaking global music project to highlight the global injustice of land grabs. For more information and to submit content go to www.oxfam.org/inmyplacefilm now.


    Coldplay fans and supporters will be asked to submit film and photographs which echo the dislocation and displacement of land grabs. Coldplay's music video and film director Mat Whitecross will stitch together the submissions into an exclusive crowd sourced video set against the backdrop of Coldplay's song 'In My Place'.



    People are being asked to move a favorite, personal or familiar item from their home to somewhere it does not belong or do a personal, every day or familiar activity that they'd usually do at home, in totally the wrong place. Mat Whitecross said: "I wanted to create the feeling of people being out of place in order to illustrate the suffering that so many people experience because of land grabs.


    This unique music video will help highlight the injustice of land grabs. Every year governments, banks or private investors buy huge plots of land in some of the poorest countries in the world. Often the people who live on the land, and rely on it to feed their families, do not have a say when is sold and do not receive compensation. In the last decade an area eight times the size of the UK has been sold off globally.


    Oxfam is pioneering the approach of fan-sourcing for the film which will launch in Spring. The film is part of Oxfam's GROW campaign which is calling on the World Bank to take a lead in the fight against land grabs. Mat Whitecross said: "I have worked with Coldplay for a long time and I know how dedicated and passionate their fans are. The idea of harnessing this energy to create an original and powerful crowd sourced campaigning tool is one I'm excited about."


    Oxfam's GROW Campaign spokesperson Ben Phillips said: "This unique music video will help highlight the global injustice of land grabs. Last year Coldplay invited Oxfam on their world tour and we were hugely motivated by the overwhelming support of fans all over the world. Campaigning is all about putting yourself in someone else's place. We know that when we unite and stand up against global injustice we can make a real difference."


    The deadline for film and photographic submissions is 20th March 2013.


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