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    Perth Review 3 (27th): Coldplay run hot on their Australian tour

    magicball10.jpgSomeone should tell Bono that there is no battle for the title of best band in the world: the fight has already been won. Dressed, rather aptly, as war-ravaged French revolutionaries, Coldplay proved on Friday night that they are indeed the worthy victors.


    Not only have the English quartet outsold every other band this century, they have also developed into one of the most, if not the most, exciting live bands in the world. Kicking off their Australian tour in Perth on Friday night, the band was nothing shortof sensational. Even the hostile environs of the Burswood Dome did nothing to dampen the mood of the band nor the crowd. Indeed, the band managed to overcome the venue's appalling acoustics, sounding better than almost anything else has in the infamous bubble. You couldn't wish for more from a stadium rock show. The delivery was imaginative, with the band regularly changing configurations and even setting up camp amongst the crowd for a spell.


    Read the full review at the first Burswood Dome thread at the Coldplay Live forum here [thanks mimixxx]


    If you missed it, you can now download the video and audio from Coldplay's MTV World Stage Performance from Tokyo at the Multimedia forum here [thanks Twisted Mind, Lore & LittleMissMessy]

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