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    Pitchfork praises 'X&Y', 10 years after slating the album

    10 years anniversary X&Y on 6th June - #X10Y.


    Pitchfork praises 'X&Y', 10 years after slating the album


    During the impending 2005 release of Coldplay's third album, 'X&Y', the world's media were delivering their verdict on the record. 'X&Y' received countless amounts of praise from the likes of Q (5/5), NME (9/10) and Spin (B+). One of the most popular music sites, Pitchfork had other ideas though, when they reviewed the rocking album less than favorably, with a 4.9/10 score.


    Fast forward 10 years and X&Y's appeal at Pitchfork has grown stronger with time. So much infact, that they've launched a stirring defence for the band, against the criticisms the British band faced.


    Here's an extract from the new article:


    Today, X&Y isn’t the landmark OK Computer or Achtung Baby is. But it has all the makings of a Breakthrough Record, an Important Record, a Statement. "Talk" interpolates Kraftwerk’s "Computer Love". There's fingerprints of inspiration from venerated artists like Brian Eno (who would go on to produce the band’s later efforts), Jeff Buckley ("A Message", "Swallowed in the Sea"), Kate Bush ("Speed of Sound") and David Bowie ("Low") throughout. On the hidden track "Til Kingdom Come" resides the spirit of Johnny Cash. The song was intended as a duet with Cash, who died before its recording.


    Strip it of all associated proper nouns and bold-faced names, X&Y stands on its own as a great record—even by critical consensus. Its reception 10 years ago was generally favorable. Even Robert Christgau—the Dean of American Rock Criticsdeemed it his Dud of the Month for September 2005—had to give credit where credit was due, giving X&Y a B grade, calling it "the craftiest of their well-crafted albums.



    You can read the article in full, here



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