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    Popstars Fight Back!

    Grab your earmuffs and duck for cover, the popstars are on the attack.


    Yes, after suffering years of abuse for musical crimes that they did commit, a crack team of popstars has decided to hit back. Literally.


    The ‘drama’ (work with us here, we’re trying to make this thing exciting) began on a wee stage in a wee park in London. Hyde Park, to be exact. As Sharleen Spiteri belted out one of those instantly forgettable Texas classics, someone decided to lob their shoe at her.“**** *** *** ******* ****,” Spiteri allegedly said (forgive us if this interpretation is not entirely accurate, the woman is unintelligible).


    Meanwhile, in leafy suburb of London, Chris Martin was busy barracking a Coldplay fan. Or former Coldplay fan.


    As the woeful wonder unloaded his car, it seems that the woman decided to point out that his music was rubbish. Wver the diplomat, the singer retorted by calling her fat. “I advised her to go to Weight watchers,” Martin mused about the altercation.


    Which might be sage advice for the woman in question, but it's not something that Noel and Liam’s mum will be suggesting.


    In fact, the Oasis singers’ mum is so desperate to fatten them up for Christmas that she’s ordered them back to Manchester for some “homemade dinner”.


    Now, whether this story has an iota of truth in it remains to be seen, but we’ll plunder on regardless.


    Peggy – a former dinner lady – was flabbergasted when she heard that her young champs were keen to lose their chump. “She is terrified that they will start wasting away,” a source told The Sun. So she’s ordered them to stop eating “that poncy muck you get in London.” Of course she did.


    And finally, Kate Moss is back in therapy. And that's exactly where we'll all be if she carries on like this.


    Source: http://itv.com

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