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    Q Magazine: Chris Martin Prepares For The Credit Crunch

    chrismartin2008a.jpgColdplay frontman Chris Martin has revealed he is preparing for a downturn in income with the collapse of the world’s money markets.


    In an interview for next month’s end of year Q magazine (published at the end of November), Martin said sales of albums and tickets were likely to be down as people tighten their belts. But he has avoided any great collapses in his own personal wealth because he has no shares, he explained.


    “In honest terms, it probably means that you sell five per cent less tickets. It’s a fact. People have less expendable money for things like concerts and albums,” Martin said. “McDonalds is doing really well because it’s cheaper but you just can’t take everything for granted in terms of putting shows on or movies."


    Asked whether his house prices had plummeted, Martin said: “Only the same as yours! We have houses and we live in them. “None of us really ever got into shares so we’re lucky. None of us are really that big on the old financial markets. We can tell you every Talking Heads b-side but we can’t tell you how pork bellies are doing!”


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