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    'The Scientist' live at 'Unstaged' - The perfect performance?

    'The Scientist' live at 'Unstaged' - The perfect live performance?

    Written by Coldplayfan1294.


    There’s something magical about the “Unstaged” performance of “The Scientist.” It doesn’t even seem fair to choose one song as that entire concert was incredible during the MX era. “The Scientist” during a Coldplay set always seems like the meditative, peaceful lull in a set that pulsates with energy. Perhaps that is what is most amazing about “The Scientist” and the impact it has on Coldplay fans.


    Aside from the initial outcry from fans when Chris plays the opening chords on piano, the song’s impact on the crowd is incredibly powerful. It never ceases to amaze me how thousands of people at once can seemingly be mesmerized by one particular song. Chris always mentions how he knows what songs work and what songs don’t by judging the entrances into the stadium – if they’re filled with silhouettes or if they are void of life. Judging by the massive sing-a-long during the “Unstaged” performance, there weren’t many people thinking about a bathroom break, and why would they? 


    'The Scientist' live at 'Unstaged' - The perfect live performance?


    There’s something about those chords that seemingly evoke emotion. There’s an undeniable truth to those chords about the depressing yet hopeful situation the song tells us about. What’s more is that it seems like everybody understands it. We’ve all been there in our lives – living with regret, nothing left but hope for better. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, or what you believe in – we could all share stories of losing something that is invaluable to us. During the song, there is a universal agreement and understanding of what Chris is singing. This feeling is not only spurred on by the very idea of losing something that is lost, but it’s also invigorated by the frank, yet emotional way in which Chris sings the song.


    After the crowd chanted the first chorus along with Chris, Jonny joins Chris with his acoustic guitar in a re-assembled chord progression that reassures the crowd that optimism can exist during a painful time. Leading into the second verse, Guy and Will join as the energy surrounding the song builds. Chris sings with emphasis the continuing analysis of a heart-wrenching circumstance.


    'The Scientist' live at 'Unstaged' - The perfect live performance?


    Chris is met again with the chant of the second chorus by the crowd, with Chris convincingly singing “Let’s go back to the start,” seemingly at the pinnacle. Optimism abounds as Jonny switches to electric guitar and Chris seemingly affirms the state of affairs with his reassuring series of falsettos.


    The connection between the band and crowd hits new heights during the song as Chris asks the crowd to sing the chorus one more time while it’s guided by the piano chords. There’s nothing quite like hearing thousands sing together at once, and the power of that even shocks Chris, and seemingly humbles him, with a lit up face and a realization of the unity and understanding “The Scientist” pulls from the body of every single fan in that audience. The impact of this song can be seen on the face of each person in that crowd, and on the inspired face of Chris Martin. Notice how words are missing in that instance? It’s because words can’t do it justice.



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