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    Top 10 Coldplay songs listed by Celebrity Cafe - what were yours?

    We have been asking for your comments on a recently published list of the top 10 Coldplay singles by web magazine, The Celebrity Cafe. Check out all your feedback at the messageboard. Read on for CelCafe's Coldplay countdown. They don't appear to be a fan of the Viva La Vida era with videos for Violet Hill, Viva La Vida, Lovers In Japan, Life In Technicolor ii and Strawberry Swing all missing out...


    Coldplay is the band that everyone secretly loves to love. The vocals of Chris Martin are instantly recognizable and the lyrics have been sang all across the world. Coldplay has gone on world tours, sold millions of albums and reached number one on the iTunes charts more than a few times.


    Their most recent tour for Mylo Xyloto brought a brand new show to stadiums all across the world. The show even featured bracelets that every concert-goer got to wear that lit up to the music. Coldplay created a tour that made everyone feel like they were on stage, as opposed to the stadium seating.


    Not much is known about the plans for Coldplay in 2014 but if the plans include anything like 2013, fans will not be disappointed.


    TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top ten Coldplay songs. From “Hurts Like Heaven,” “Speed of Sound” to “Charlie Brown,” Coldplay has become a staple in the mainstream music industry.


    10. Hurts Like Heaven


    This single off of Mylo Xyloto followed the unique sound that Coldplay embraced for this album. It was danceable, upbeat and inspirational with Martin on the piano.



    9. The Scientist


    One of Coldplay's most popular songs, "The Scientist" has been covered thousands of times and is one of the most recognizable songs in the past ten years.



    8. Charlie Brown


    This song off of Mylo Xyloto really reaches its musical height at the end of the song. The piano solo that concludes the song is beautiful and captures the energy that Mylo Xyloto gives off in just a few notes.



    7. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall


    "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall," was the lead off single from Coldplay when they released Mylo Xyloto. This single set the tone for what was to come and fans went wild.



    6. Princess of China


    This Coldplay track showed range in musicality and featured Rihanna. The combination of rock/pop and female hip & hop royalty was a home run for both artists.



    5. Speed of Sound


    This single features catchy lyrics and the sweeping sound that Coldplay is known for.



    4. Paradise


    Mylo Xyloto produced hit after hit. "Paradise" was one of them. When Coldplay brought their tour to Michigan, fans could be heard singing "Paradise" as they walked to their cars. Even after the conclusion of the concert fans wanted more.



    3. Clocks


    Coldplay gave a whole new meaning to timepieces everywhere. "Clocks" features catchy lyrics and the signature sound of piano, guitar and soaring melodies that make Coldplay so recognizable.



    2. Yellow


    Coldplay first came into mainstream music when they released "Yellow." The rest is music history.



    1. Fix You


    This is one of the more emotional songs that Coldplay has written and performed. "Fix You" has become a fan favorite and has healed the hearts of many. At live performances fans are often quiet so they can fully hear and take in "Fix You."


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