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    The top 100 Glastonbury performances - Coldplay are at....

    The top 100 Glastonbury performances

    In the build up to Glastonbury festival 2014, in Pilton, UK, which Coldplay will not be playing this year, British newspaper, The Telegraph have published a list of the best live showings over the course of recent history which will be revealed. Chris Martin, during the Live 2012 film/DVD, admired the festival which runs most years as a "city of cows and tents".top-100-glastonbury-performances Glastonbury 2014 starts this coming week and the main headliners are Metallica, Arcade Fire and Kasabian, who Chris Martin very much rates at the moment, especially their new single, Eez-eh from new album, 48:13.

    i like this video and song a lot https://t.co/dpILdDMPuX love c

    — Coldplay (@coldplay) June 20, 2014
    Coldplay have appeared at the famous festival five times. 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005 and most recently, 2011, where the two biggest bands in the world, Coldplay and U2 both headlined on the main 'Pyramid stage'. The amazing performance of both legendary bands satisfied the void of no festival the following year in 2012, with the venue taking its occasional break. Will Coldplay return to Glastonbury? Their love affair with Glastonbury never seems to be ending and with rumours that LP7 may be released as soon as next year, could the boys be heading back there for 2015's festival?!Top 100 Glastonbury Peformances - ColdplayThe Telegraph released their list of the top 100 glastonbury performances which features the likes of The Rolling Stones, Nick Cave, Radiohead and Muse. Their list does not repeat artists who have had various appearances over the years so Coldplay could only be listed once. Coldplay were listed in at number 16 for their 2005 Glastonbury live show with nods to the 2002 and the most recent 2011 show (
    ). Politik on that famous night brought the memorable lyrics mentioned in the snippet from the Telegraph below...

    16. Coldplay, 2005“Give me mud up to my knees/The best festival in history,” sang Chris Martin, adapting the lyrics of ’Politik’, and the bedraggled crowd were his. If their 2002 Glastonbury set made them, 2005 proved Coldplay could deliver every time.

    Your favourite Coldplay Glastonbury moment?

    Let us know on the forums, vote in the poll for the best year in your opinion and your favourite moment!

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