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    Udine fan reviews: Coldplay at Stadio Friuli, Italy (with new photos)

    magicball7.jpgMore fan reviews of Coldplay's concert at the Esprit Arena in Dusseldorf that didn't make the review article on Monday evening have been posted at the Coldplay Live forum. Here are some more of the reviews...


    Before the concert I read somewhere on the net that Gwyneth will be attending that concert as well. I thought that was a bit ... well a thing that's not going to happen. But now I think she might have been there. After they had played Fix You Chris put his hand on his heart and pointed to the stand where I think VIPs were. And he also pointed there after Strawberry swing.


    The best song besides Clocks was Politik for me. They played it really "hard". I also enjoyed Lovers in Japan- I was standing in front of the thing where butterflies were coming out, I was basically attacked by them... Oh and I think that Guy was really in a good mood yesterday. He kept smiling and posing for people who were taking photos of him. As if I weren't pleased at the concert completely I was also given the set list which made the evening perfect.

    I was trying to make an eye contact with any roadie but they were so busy. Then I waved to someone and he only waved back. But then somebody heard my screaming about set list ... first he showed that he folded it and that it's not in the best condition. But I made it clear that I don't really mind that so he threw it at me. [thanks _petra_]


    Chris never said anything about how good Italians are to make love, but how good we are to "make a fuck of a lot of noise" during this nice song before Will sung Death Will Never Conquer. Here's the lyrics:


    "When the sun has gone down and there's no more light

    When you're playing in Udine on a Monday night

    Oh you've got to play for those girls and boys

    Well I know Italians make a fuck of a lot of noise

    (can't understand here)...there's one more rhyme

    Can you please make some noise if you're having a good time

    Oh and just to give you an extra thrill

    Oh give a whoo whoo for our drummer Will"


    They also made the it on the most important Italian TV News. I didn't get the (LRLRL) cd either, we went around the stadium trying each exit, they were all gone, bad organisation on the part of those giving them away, I've heard of people who got plenty of copies and someone even stole entire boxes. [thanks iriden]


    I got two (CDs). But gave one to this guy who was with me in bus. I think that they should give CD when you enter the stadium. one by one. I almost got run over my some idiot. He yelled on that poor girl who was dealing the CD's. She looked really scared!!!!!!! [thanks lndnsky]


    Hello, I'm back after few hours riding back and forth I still have energy for few more concerts. first of all, did you guys notice that on setlist is song "till kingdom come" but they played green eyes? o.O I'm glad that they changed it cuz green eyes is my fav song! Months in advance I knew that I wanted to go back to their concert, especially when I enjoyed last year in Budapest. I secured agreement with the Agency (ticket + transport) and expecting for 31th july. Unfortunately, as soon as we boarded the bus, we got a notice that we have tickets for the bleachers (i dont know right word). all the way, we discussed how to get down there, but there was no option. We arrived in Udine at 2pm and 4 hours are used for sightseeing, lunch and after all shopping in the front of stadium where I had no luck. T-shirt is very much the wrong date which irritated me (did you notice for 2008 and earlier dates).


    I bought a shirt with long sleeves, but the male model that I will not wear often, but I have a memory, and a bag from official merchandise. We entered the stadium just as white lies finished with last two song and i was disappointed when we saw our position. even though we were on the right panel of the stage (and in the middle), imagine heart pain when you see all those fans who are already down, especially in the fan pit area. I didnt want to look on the internet for recordings or photos for full surprise. you have no idea how much I enjoyed when I heard Magnificent introduction to the concert. I really like U2 and that song is very much affected! as soon as they come out with mini fireworks (i dont know right word either), balloons have come to the fore and violet hill began. I was thrilled! so I wanted to jump but I was on the scale because I didnt want to sit like 90% of the audience around me. That terribly depressed me because I wanted to be down with you and with you singing and jumping. They were pretty quite and I didnt want to sing out loud cuz I just do not sing well) green eyes is one of my favorite songs and I was totally thrilled when I heard it live! then butterflies on lovers in japan, even I saw it, this is great to see from another perspective (we took them to the road on the return). I did not expect fireworks and it is totally complete the entire concert. I eventually managed to get the free CD, we have raised hands in the air, we looked like zombies. [thanks viva la vida]


    More new pictures of Coldplay at Stadio Friuli, Udine, Italy (31st August 2009):




















    Pictures by iriden




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