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    Zane Lowe bids farewell, with a head full of Coldplay memories

    Zane Lowe bids farewell, with a head full of Coldplay memoriesZane Lowe has ruled the airwaves of British Radio for over a decade, now he will move on to a new role with Apple in the U.S, as he leaves BBC Radio 1, with his farewell show taking place last night. The New Zealand born DJ enjoys an understanding relationship with Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin.The reaction to the DJ's final bow on British radio was met with huge gratitude from a host of artists and bands, including - Kasabian, Adele, Big Sean and Jake Bugg. Coldplay were one of the first to pay tribute, as they praised "The hottest man in the world right now", in reference to his everlasting feature within his show, "The hottest record in the world right now", promoting an endless sea of new music and often giving new bands and returning artists a huge boost for their upcoming record. Coldplay's lead singer had once hosted Zane Lowe's show in January 2007, where he played a large range of tracks, such as REM's Me In Honey and Travis' Big Chair, in addition to introducing the single of a new band back then, Enter Shikari as his "hottest record in the world". A lot has changed on the music scene since Zane took the reigns on BBC Radio 1 (Morning, then Evening show) but the absolute Juggernaut of a DJ has stood the test of time!

    Thank you for everything @zanelowe, the living antidote to cynicism, love j, g w, c #thankszane #hottestpersonintheworldrightnow

    — Coldplay (@coldplay) March 5, 2015
    Zane Lowe wasn't afraid to play tracks which would not normally fit in Radio 1's main playlist, as he marked his final show with Coldplay co-producer, Jon Hopkins and his track, Open Eye Signal, which played before Ghost Stories concerts started, last year. Looking back on to 2008 and he debuted Coldplay's A Spell A Rebel Yell, the Vinyl B-Side from their Violet Hill single, a track which wasn't expected to ever be heard on radio, given its obscure nature and non radio friendly sound.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJDGROuiKpQIn 2011, Coldplay were preparing for their fifth record, as they tell us, on Zane Lowe's show how the record is about “love, addiction, OCD, escape and working for someone you don’t like”. The legendary DJ had a special way with engaging with artists during his time with Radio 1 and Chris Martin stands out as one of them. Almost every time we've heard Zane interview any of the guys, we always find out something new and interesting! Chris gave us a clue that the then un-titled fifth album, Mylo Xyloto would be an uplifting affair:

    [Fifth album] also has a lot of uplifting stuff. It’s supposed to be about life, the good stuff and the bad stuff. Everything.

    In recent times, the pair's friendship has solidified further, with Chris Martin trusting Zane to conduct an intimate interview on last year's album, Ghost Stories, where he talked about his personal reasons for making the album. The interview ranks very high among the most in depth and interesting chats. The 1 hour, 9 minutes long interview had it all. Personal revelations, Chris' trademark sense of humour, stories of Chris and Jonny, Paradise originally being written as the X-Factor's winning song, until Chris showed drummer, Will Champion, who kept it for the band instead! This video will never get old and sums up everything brilliant about Zane Lowe's interviewing skills:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pF7bS_4JnE&t=240And we have this brilliant quote from that interview, summing up the idea behind Coldplay's sixth record, Ghost Stories:

    The idea of “Ghost Stories” for me was how do you let the things that happened to you in the past, your ghosts, how do you let them affect your present and your future because there was a time when I was feeling they were going to drag me down, ruin my life and of those around me

    That was not all. More recently, his presence and level of trust with Coldplay's frontman prompted the revelation of the next album title, A Head Full Of Dreams, much the annoyance of the rest of the band! He also compared the band's next effort to the final Harry Potter book / as a last in a series. Zane's future is unknown, as his role with Apple is currently undisclosed. If he takes up a similar role in North America, it may not the final time we see his joyous interviews with the band. Here's an ode to Zane - we wish him all the best with his new role!Chris Zane

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