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    12 Coldplay Months of 2010: APRIL (9 Old Photos for Guy)

    guyberryman2008a.jpgFull review and poll: 12 Coldplay Months of 2010: APRIL (9 Old Photos for Guy) [thanks BerrymanGirl1]


    In April, Coldplay.com reported that Guy Berryman wanted you to find old photographs for an art project. The article didn't specifically say it was linked to the forthcoming fifth album, but stranger things had happened. Check out who was participating and posting their old photographs they had sent in, at the Coldplay forum.


    Coldplaying got a sneak peak of Roadie Matt McGinn’s book that debut in May and Our very own Jenjie gave us a review: Matt briefly fills us in on life before Coldplay & how he came to be a roadie, but he concentrates most of the book to working for Jonny Buckland & with Coldplay. There is plenty of material to keep you going: from the first time at Glastonbury; the transition from smaller venues to stadiums; life as a roadie and plenty more...

    For those avid fans (stalkers?), there's plenty of roadie name-dropping. With appearances from Dan Green, Bash, Hoppy & 42, and a great story about Jackie's crowd control techniques. There's plenty of inside stories about how the show works from the stage & what the venue looks like when you're the roadie on the stage pre-band. For those of us who are missing the Viva tour, there's plenty to bring the memories rushing back.


    Coldplay were going cosmic during their latest album recording sessions, following Roadie #42's last blog. Frontman Chris Martin stunned the crew by asking them to build him a model solar system in the band's new studio. A source said: "Chris likes to create a certain mood when he's in full creative flow. He had a real interest in 18th Century revolutionary politics when he was piecing together Viva La Vida. Now he's really got into the universe. The crew scratched their heads a little when he first came up with the request but they're cracking away now."


    Work on Coldplay's new album wass going so well the band had been forced to set up a Top Gear-style "cool wall" just to whittle down the best tracks. Coldplay had already written more than 50 songs in their new HQ in Camden, north London. The choice was so great they have had to grade the tunes on the wall of a dedicated room as they map out a tracklist for the new album.


    Roadie #42, explained: "The names of every idea have been written down - each on their own piece of card. Inevitably, there's a huge number of cards. From tiny moments that were played only once to things that the fellas have been playing for months now, they're all up there. The cards are first arranged on the wall in terms of A, B and C. The A list are songs that have to go on the record. The B list are songs that might or might not. The C list contains things that are being left. There's enough in the unreleased vaults to outfit an entire career for a pretty successful band. It'd be an interesting project to one day pull out all the songs that fell off along the way - like rummaging through Coldplay's attic.


    Read the full April 2010 Coldplay review article in the Coldplay forum here [thanks BerrymanGirl1]



    Best of the bunch... track names on wall



    Guitar solo... more titles that could make album


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