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    1,250 Signatures Registered For Coldplaying's Toronto DVD Petition

    Coldplay fans have been petitioning in their droves for Coldplaying.com's petition to revive the Toronto DVD from the EMI grave.


    You have given your thoughts on how it has been revealed that the already planned and scheduled Coldplay live in Toronto Twisted Logic Tour DVD won't be released after all. 1,250 (and counting) signatures and comments have been registered.


    You can sign the petition anonymously. Every signature helps - add to the petition here.


    Maybe all you want is an explanation? Will a televised event do for you? Discuss your choices here

    I am deeply disappointed that the dvd of the Toronto concert was scrapped. I was at the concert and it was almost a spiritual experience. I have never been to a concert that so full of emotion not only from the band but from the crowd. It was something, okay the only thing I wanted for Christmas. Something to share with my girls and spark discussion on the many facets of how the concert and message moved me. [thanks Maria Fitzgerald]


    I am a Coldplay and concert DVD junkie, and have been excited for this DVD since I heard they were going to film the toronto concert (back in March). It is disappointing to find out that this won't be happening, does EMI not like money? [thanks John Earley]


    they better release this shit. [thanks austin]

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