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    [Article] 'Viva' la Coldplay to fill U2's shoes

    chrismartin5a.jpgThe Los Angeles Times has posted an interesting article, using Violet Hill as a starting point for comparisons between Coldplay and U2. Here's what they wrote:


    In their most starry-eyed moments, partisans of Coldplay have envisioned the English band as a potential successor to U2's throne. Well, the group has taken at least a small step in that direction. Its new album "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends," which comes out June 17, was co-produced by Brian Eno, a principal player in U2's studio team.


    The first single, which was released to radio and as a free (for one week) download on Coldplay's website Tuesday, is "Violet Hill," and while one track might or might not define the entire album, this one does send a signal that the group has broken out of an increasingly confining formula.


    It opens with a slow-building orchestral/electronic mass, a meditative moment that's interrupted suddenly -- almost abruptly -- by Chris Martin singing an ominous line: "Was a long and dark December/ From the rooftops I remember there was snow, white snow."


    Read the full article here

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