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    Bon Jovi Rocks OKC... Coldplay Next

    bonjovi1.jpgBabysitters across the metro area found plenty of work on Saturday, as everyone’s mom piled into the Ford Center to swoon over the man whose face was plastered upon their walls when they were 16. They revitalized the old fan club (defunct since Erma went to beautician school and Janet got pregnant in ‘89), custom-made some “Fans Since 1984” shirts, and fought over who would get to be closest to the stage. It’s these little moments that make rock and roll worthwhile.


    The cynics can, and have, said that Bon Jovi is guilty of numerous crimes against rock, paving the way for countless hair bands and the perpetuation of style over substance. But it’s hard to be cynical when the still-svelte Jon Bon Jovi steps to the mic and belts out that instantly recognizable opening line, “Shot through the heart/And you’re to blame,” which is the ultimate in arena rock excess. It’s those jolts of electricity that are exactly what rock has always been about, hairstyles and music videos aside.


    I’d love to do some comparative calculations on the scowl-to-smile ratio between the crowd after the Bon Jovi show and after the upcoming Coldplay performance. It’d probably be a telling statistic.


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