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    Chris Martin: Bryan Adams Is A Canadian National Treasure

    Coldplay's Chris Martin introduced Bryan Adams, who was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame during the broadcast of the Award ceremony.


    This is Chris Martin's Juno's speech:


    "You better be quiet coz I can’t hear myself think. Seriously, seriously, seriously............



    Indira Ghandi’s grandfather once told her that there were two kinds of people in the world. Those who worked hard and those who took the credit. We try and take the credit, but this guy, we’re about to introduce, is one of the second kind of people, who works hard and [can you go a bit fast on that *laughs*].


    Anyway. Tonight’s inductee into the Hall of Fame is fantastic and I love him very much and he just hugged me backstage, which was, to be honest, arousing [keep going. I’m going off script a bit. It doesn’t matter…]


    He has played in over 72 countries [wow] and played for over 8 people. Oh. 88 million people with sales of so many albums, you couldn’t fit them in Canada.


    He is a Grammy, Juno, American Music Award, People Magazine, Oscar winner, Golden Globe Nominee, an officer of Canadian Customs [oh no!] The Order of Canada *laughs*. He’s pretty amazing, that’s the point of this [crow go wild] Wait, wait, wait…


    Any great thing, like Live8 or Live Aid, he’s always there. He’s a crucial part of it and that’s kind of all I’ve got to say about him.


    He’s fantastic. He’s a National Treasure for you and for the whole world, really and whenever there’s a Canadian flag waving, he’s proud to say he’s part of that community.


    He’s Bryan Adams and that’s all there is to know about him…


    The newest addition to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame is Bryan Adams"



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