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    Chris Martin & Family Chat To Fans In Tokyo

    closeupchris.jpgI met Chris and family (Gwyneth, Apple and Moses) outside of Starbucks (Roppongi Hills, Tokyo) hydrating on mocha frapachinos. Chris looked exhausted with the humidity/heat (94F) and being very fatherly to Apple and Moses. Look forward in seeing Coldplay on the 19th (their last show).


    While his wifey, Gwyneth was inside getting Frapachino. I started small talk and broke into conversation asking him "what time is it?" (but of course he never wears a watch..), and then told him, "Welcome back to Japan, we missed you.." and "Enjoy your stay" and he politely responded back, with a "Thank You" and I went on with my day as he went on with his day.


    My guess is that they either charter a private jet, or take the bullet train (450Km/h) but they stay in Tokyo, won't say the hotel (in respect for their privacy). Moving around family and kids from one city to another can be rather stressful (its also rather hot and humid these past few days), so my guess is that they did Osaka (4hrs from Tokyo via Bullet Train) on the 15th. Head back to Tokyo, go back to Nagoya (2.5hrs from Tokyo via Bullet Train) on Monday morning 17th. Head back into Tokyo and do the rest of the two shows 18th/19th and end of tour... that sounds like a busy schedule, but I am happy to see them out this way. Glad to see their family is well and enjoying themselves.


    [Thanks madgumby]

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