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    Chris Martin Gets The Elbow

    Coldplay's Chris Martin has done an interview with Elbow frontman Guy Garvey in which (alongside some very good natured mutually appreciative back slippery) is the news that Garvey is hoping to work with Jane Birkin.


    The interview has surfaced on Coldplay's official website recently appeared in the painfully fashionable Andy Warhol-lauched US style mag ‘Interview’. In it Martin raves about Elbow's last album 'Cast Of Thousands' stating "I think it’s the best album by anybody except Coldplay. Ever."When Martin asks Garvey about what he’s up to next the Elbow singer reveals that he’s been working on a new track with legendary ‘60s French chanteuse Jane Birkin in mind.


    “I’m writing a duet and there’s a chance Jane Birkin is going to sing it with me,” explains Garvey, “so I’m really chuffed about that.”


    ”Wow! The lady who sang with Serge Gainsbourg!” Martin exclaimed [birkin recorded heavy-breathing classic ‘Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus’ with Gainsbourg in 1970] Are you as much as a womaniser as he was?”


    “No Chris,” replies Garvey, “I won’t be putting no saucy trousers on again.”


    There is also a confirmation that despite rumours to the contrary, Coldplay will not be playing any live dates this year (at all) and while the band have been out of the public eye, work is still progressing on the follow up to 2002’s ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’.


    “2004 has so far been a fairly quiet year for Coldplay as far as releases and live dates,” a statement from a band representative reads, “Behind the scenes however, there has been much activity in the Recording Studio. The last two years have been extremely busy for the band and they want to take their time over the next album and have some well earned rest before coming back.


    "It's too early to make any official comments yet and as is the norm, the band are keeping everything under wraps, so I haven't heard anything yet. I can tell you that things are going very well and those in the know say it's sounding amazing!


    "There will be no gigs in 2004, this includes festival appearances. The next live dates will probably coincide with new material so there are no definite dates at all as yet. As usual, all such tour news will be announced on the website."


    Source: XFM

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