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    Chris Martin Has A Natter Online With Coldplay.com (and new pic!)

    Chris: We are trying to compete with Cats and Starlight Express. We have got some incredible balls...


    Hello Chris. How are things?

    Well, it's quite a nerve-wracking time, but it's also tremendously exciting. We've finished the album, it's been released, we've decided what some singles are and we're in the process of making videos. We've also finished planning our actual tour concert, which is a good feeling.


    How much do the band control that planning?

    A thousand percent. We think about where we're gonna play and what mix of old and new songs we'll have. We think about reinterpreting songs and how we can make the journey of a concert as exciting as possible. And basically we try to make something that's as entertaining as any other night out; we are trying to compete with Cats and Starlight Express. Our one goal is to make sure that people who spend their money get entertained. We think about that a lot. We think about how every song looks and what the ideal place to be is and who will see this best from which place. We probably get a bit too obsessed with it, to be honest.


    Read the full interview at coldplay.com here. You can discuss this interview here [thanks 1der & mimixxx]



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