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    Chris Martin: New Album Is Turning Me Bald

    ChrisMartin_220904_M.jpgColdplay are "one receded inch" away from finishing their third album, Chris Martin has told nme.


    In his only magazine interview this year, Martin revealed details of the band’s hugely anticipated third album. He also spoke about his surprise appearance at last week’s Make Trade Fair show (September 14) where he appeared onstage with REM to sing 'Man On The Moon'.


    Martin said that singer Michael Stipe has inspired him to write a song as good as their classic 'Losing My Religion', but the pressure inside the studio to follow-up the hugely successful second album ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’ is "immense".


    You can discuss this story hereHe told nme.com: "We're under an immense amount of intense pressure in the studio… We’re working all the time because it’s so important. We can’t fuck it up. We’ll see, we’ll see, but I’m the last person to ask about our new record through because of the perspective I have."


    Last year Martin famously told nme.com he was going to go away and "re-invent the wheel" for their next record. However, now recording is almost done, he is slightly more pragmatic about his ambitions.


    He continued: "I think people will be a bit sick of us by the time we come back. By the way, that whole ‘wheel’ thing I said, that was just post-gig excitement! We’re just trying to redesign it, not reinvent it. We’re one receded inch away (from finishing). When my hair’s gone back another inch, I know we’ll have finished our album."


    For the full interview, see this week's NME, out September 22.


    Source: NME

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