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    Chris Martin On X&Y

    chrismartin2005.jpgChris Martin recently announced that four songs acted as the cornerstones for the band's recently released third album, X&Y, and one of those tunes was the band's new single, "Fix You."


    Chris says that all four of the tracks made him feel like Coldplay were breaking new musical ground.


    "When I hear them or play them, I can remember the feeling of, like, 'Oh, we haven't done this before,' you know what I mean? Whenever we get that feeling it's very exciting, and we normally write two or three songs like it. So I remember when we did 'Fix You,' I thought, 'This sounds like nothing we've done before,' and that's how I felt about all those four songs."


    The other three "cornerstone" songs were "Square One," "Talk" and "Swallowed In The Sea."Coldplay's North American tour, which started on Tuesday (August 2nd) in Toronto, Canada, arrived in the US on Thursday, August 4th with a show in Hartford, Connecticut. Aside from a handful of gigs this past spring, this is the band's first major tour in North America in support of X&Y.

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