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    Coldplay & AC/DC Voted Nicest Autograph Givers

    coldplaynme.jpgIn the wild world of autograph-seeking, there’s apparently good guys and bad guys, especially in Canada, where a recent poll named the best and worst rock stars to pester for a John Hancock. For a full list of the good and bad signers, you can check out the poll here.


    According to a survey by HoundsTV.com, AC/DC came out on top as the nicest guys to ask for an autograph, with Coldplay and the Guess Who coming in second and third, respectively. As far as the not-so-nice stars went, the top jerks were former Led Zeppelin band-mates Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, who reportedly refused to give out a whole lotta love. "Page announced on arrival, regarding autograph requests, 'I'm kinda finished with that,'" HoundsTV.com quotes him as saying. Bon Jovi, the Eagles and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder also came in at the bottom of the list, with one autograph hound labelling Jon Bon Jovi “an asshole,” plain and simple.


    Coldplay: Chris Martin and the boys spent a few days in Toronto during early August for two concerts and a few television and radio station appearances to talk up the new album. All the guys from the band were great about signing and always taking time to greets fans and pose for photos. There was especially a lot of attention on Chris Martin and he was a class act - always polite to fans and autograph collectors.


    More on this news in the Coldplay forum here [thanks mimixxx]


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