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    Coldplay to appear on famous Magic show & new ASFOS remix

    Coldplay are set to appear on Dynamo: Magician Impossible


    Call it true, we will be watching Coldplay on late night TV later this year, as the band are set to appear on Dynamo : Magician Impossible, due to be aired in the UK later this autumn. Steven Frayne, who uses the alias, Dynamo for his talent as a magician/illusionist, is from Bradford in the UK and he rose to fame through various TV show appearances such as the Jonathan Ross show, Soccer AM and has appeared in various TV commercials for the likes of Adidas, Nokia and Pepsi. He has even performed for the likes of the Foo Fighters. Chris even had his experience of Dynamo's impressive tricks back in 2006 during the Twisted Logic tour...




    His TV show, Dynamo : Magician Impossible was an instant hit and has featured a whole array of celebs, such as, Will Smith, Ian Brown, Rio Ferdinand and Noel Fielding. The forth series of the TV show, which airs on channel, Watch in the UK later this year, will also feature Chris' good mates, One Direction and Bollywood star, Irrfan Khan. The Coldplaying forum is the best place for Coldplayer's across the world to catch Coldplay's appearance as it happens, with many kind fans always on stand by to record and upload for all of us!


    coldplay magic show


    New remix for A Sky Full of Stars!


    Another remix to add for Coldplay's current single, A Sky Full of Stars. Famous Dutch producer and DJ, Robbert van de Corput, mainly known as Hardwell, has released his remix of the song! Hardwell has notably remixed singles for 30 Seconds to Mars, Example and The Naked and Famous most recently.


    Zumic.com have written an excellent piece on the latest 'ASFOS' remix


    While Coldplay’s original version of “A Sky Full of Stars” is certainly upbeat and fun, Hardwell takes it to the next level by adding his signature style to the song. Adding only a few touches to the track, Hardwell manages to create an infectious dance remix while still preserving the British band’s alternative pop sound. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin’s voice mixes beautifully with the rhythmic house beats and the song’s chorus swells into a high energy dance tune that is sure to please Coldplay and EDM fans alike.


    Listen to the new remix below and let us know what you think!


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