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    Coldplay concert in Japan - Streaming instructions

    Coldplay concert in Japan


    As the small and triumphant tour comes towards an end, with only 3 locations left, the Coldplay concert in Japan, Dome City, Tokyo is the next date on the calender, today at 11am UK time, 6am Eastern US time! There had seemed to be confusion over the timezone's but gai on the forums has clarified, see the time of the show in your timezone!



    Coldplay, previously live in Japan within a more open venue than Dome City


    Listen live


    The radio stream is Japan only but fear not, reddevil07 has become our hero and has earned a place on the Coldplaying contributor league table. We can now listen to Coldplay in Japan shortly by following the instructions below :


    Turn any Adblocker off while doing this as it may interfere with accessing the streaming.


    Browser you need : Google Chrome or Firefox


    Download the extension, 'Hola' (also known as Hola better internet). You can find the extension settings on the browser toolbar or google it. This allows you to act as a Japanese user which allows you access to the following streaming site...


    Or try this : http://japanwebproxy.com/ and enter radiko.jp/#FMJ

    or http://funky802.com/

    Once clicking on the extension (the Up in Flames icon with a smiley face I think of it as!), enter radiko.jp/#FMJ or http://funky802.com/ into the address it asks for and click on the Japanese flag. IF it doesn't work, there should be an option to try another Japan server. If it brings you to the same screen you see if you tried loading it without a Japanese server, exit the browser, reload and try again. Once you are on the webpage successfully, you should see a headphones icon with a play button. Click on that and enjoy!


    Click on the Jwave link on the menu bar if you can't hear still!


    Keep up to date with the setlist on Twitter and discussions on the Coldplaying forums!


    Its going to be a good one Coldplayers!


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