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    [Coldplay Diary] Everyday Is Like A Sunday...

    United Center, Chicago, IL 31st March 2006


    Invevitably, a day with no load in following a party is going to be a slow and quiet one. This is enhanced by the fact that Richard Ashcroft isn’t well today, which means no soundcheck, and no show for him. it’s by far the most Sunday-like day of the tour. There’s plenty of afternoon naps and very little activity until finally, showtime rolls around.


    The ‘Powers of Ten’ footage that is shown on the rears screen during The Scientist, is a journey through outer and inner space, as the camera zooms from the far ends of the universe through solar systems and planets, to the Earth, and then down to a guy lying in a park by a lake, continuing into his skin, down to the cells and moelcules in his body. The lake just happens to be Lake Michigan. As the zoom reaches an ariel view of Chicago, there’s a cheer of recognition. With the likes of Google Earth, I guess it won’t be long before a tour shows a zoom in from space to the roof of the venue each night. For tonight though, it’s special.


    The show continues the exceedingly relaxed vibe, when a beanbag and popcorn is bourght onstage for Guy at the start of the acoustic section of the show. It’s explained that this is an early birthday present. It has been provided to allow him to enjoy the first half of ‘Til Kingdom Come’, during which he doesn’t play. He sits back with a grin and a bottle of beer and proceeds to spend the majority of the song throwing popcorn at Jonny.


    Source: The Coldplayer


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