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    Coldplay Hire Ex-Bakery

    bread.jpgChris Martin has reportedly revealed he hired a former bakery to become Coldplay's new headquarters.


    He hired the site in Primrose Hill, north west London, to deflect attention, the NME reports. Chris told the music weekly he chose the building because it was so unappealing. "I used to walk past it every day," he told the magazine. "For years I used to walk past it and think: 'What an ugly place'. Then, one day, a To Let sign appeared outside. I thought: 'Hmmm, that place is so ugly, I bet no one would bother us if we move in there'."


    Guitarist Jonny Buckland added: "It's the first time we've had a proper band home since we were rehearsing in my student bedroom in 1999."


    Martin also explained how Coldplay ended up working with Brian Eno, who produced 10 tracks on the band's new album. "It was Brian's idea," he said. "I would often meet up with him for tea and start playing tabla machines ... and that just turned into a year's worth of production."


    Next week's NME contains a free 7in single featuring Violet Hill and a second song A Spell A Rebel Yell, which is exclusive to the vinyl.


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