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    Coldplay in Latin America in February 2010 say EMI Colombia?

    coldplaymtvstage1.jpgMore tour rumours on a forthcoming Coldplay Latin America tour are sweeping the community this morning. The latest as yet unconfirmed story that has developed today is that sources in EMI Colombia say Coldplay will indeed be touring Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela in February 2010 to complete the full Viva La Vida Tour. Furthermore, specific details have emerged about the possible itinery for next year:


    Coldplay had scheduled a concert in Bogota (Colombia) for November 19, 2009 but they've decided to take some vacations after the Wembley craze and begin touring Latin America on February of next year. So Coldplay should hopefully be delighting fans in Chile with 3 concerts, Peru with 2 or 3 concerts, Argentina with 3 or 4 concerts, Brazil with 7 concerts, Venezuela with 4 concerts, Colombia with 4 concerts and last but not least Mexico with 4 concerts. Some of the main cities where they should be playing are Guadalajara, Santiago, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Bogota.


    More news on this of course as it develops. You can discuss this latest news on a forthcoming Latin America tour at the Coldplay forum here [thanks Aleluvscp & coldpatrix]



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