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    Coldplay In Q Magazine: December 2008

    chrisq2008.jpgChris Martin is on the cover of the December 2008 issue of Q Magazine, which you can preview here and purchase via their website as it’s subscription only. The edition in the shops has Jonny Borrell on the cover. Every new subscriber this month will receive a copy of the ‘fantastic’ new Razorlight album Slipway Fires.


    In addition, to celebrate Coldplay winning the 'Best Band In The World Today' Award they are also giving you the Coldplay gift pack 2CD and DVD! Here is the Chris Martin interview published in the magazine:


    Rate your day on a scale of one to 10.

    Chris Martin: “Twelve. I’m definitely having the best time of any man in the room. The Best Album means a lot. And I don’t often allow unashamed euphoria. Once every three years.”


    You were literally standing on the table when you won.

    CM: “Not quite. One hoof.”You’ve been drinking whisky…

    CM: “This whole thing of not drinking is kind of a myth. A myth! But I’ll never admit to anything. I had a couple of sips officer.”


    Is there anyone here you’d like to meet?

    CM: “I spent most of the time with Sharleen Spiteri, who I have a tremendous crush on. And I met Roger Daltrey. He has wisdom to impart. We were talking about music and the Teenage Cancer Trust and how to keep it together. He’s also responsible for the best muscial moment in history, in my opinion. The comeback scream in Won’t Get Fooled Again. That’s the thing that makes me feel alive. Your thighs explode.”


    The most fabulous thing you saw today?

    CM: “I saw a couple of guys getting a handjob, but that’s about it.”


    You were seen to manhandle Q’s Editor-in-chief…

    CM: “That’s too personal to bring up. what Paul Rees did was unacceptable. He broke my heart.”


    Drinking whiskey, punching people out, what’s happened to you, man?

    CM: “It’s just a regular Monday for me.”


    Where are you off too now?

    CM: “Jools Holland. We’re going to try to recreate some live spectaculars. [Q noties Chris is smelling strongly of eucalyptus oil from a bottle he's carrying in his pocket]. It’s my special singing medicine. it’s nice, do you want some?”







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