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    Coldplay Live Review - Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL (15th May 2009)

    Coldplay's Viva La Vida tour began again in earnest last night as the played at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in Florida's West Palm Beach. It appears that Rolling Stone didn't give promised live updates, but we shall wait for their report! Meanwhile, Roadie #42 posted some photos before the show which you can view in the recent posts here at the official Twitter. You'll see from the pictures that Coldplay also came on stage with something a little bigger than fireworks...


    [discussion] [photos] [videos] [wiki reviews/setlist] (updated over the next 24-48 hours)


    Setlist: [thanks dfit00]


    Life In Technicolor

    Violet Hill


    In My Place


    Glass Of Water

    Cemeteries Of London


    Fix You

    Strawberry Swing

    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (techno version)

    Talk (techno version)

    The Hardest Part (Chris piano, Will)

    Postcards From Far Away (piano instrumental)

    Viva La Vida


    Green Eyes (acoustic)

    Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic - Will vocals)

    I'm A Believer (Neil Diamond Cover - acoustic)

    Viva La Vida (remix interlude)



    Lovers In Japan

    Death And All His Friends


    The Scientist

    Life in Technicolor ii

    The Escapist (outro)


    Photo: Roadie #42 @ Coldplay Twitter


    just got back from the amphitheater and the show was fantastic. the audience was absolutely awful in the first 30 rows which was sad and disappointing, the crowd on the grass and in the back was SPECTACULAR but they were wasted and the GA seats, it was a phenomenal concert so anyone that gave it bad reviews had to have prejudged the boys prior to tonight. yes butterfly confetti and yellow balloons peppered the stage but them going out onto the law to play and stripping down that 2 song set was brilliant..Chris even went into detail as to why they did it and how it came about with a conversation with their manager..... The boys played from three different stages- the main, then a smaller piano based mini stage on stage left and then way back in the crowd on the lawn on a mini stage where the drummer sang a song and the boys performed a classic by the MONKEES...yes the MONKEES. the lighting, set design and overall show is very stripped down and really focuses on the music-- CHRIS was brilliant and peppered in a ton of local comments and made everyone feel like he was really happy to be in WPB... GET YOUR TIX NOW- the show is worth every penny. EVERY SONG ON THE NEW LIVE ALBUM WAS PLAYED, YELLOW WAS BRILLIANT- with a ton of confetti filled YELLOW BALLONS flying everywhere. Chris even popped one with his guitar and confetti went everwhere. EVEN THOUGH THE FRONT OF THE CROWD WAS LAME with as much emphasis on LAME as humanly possible. Chris was insane tonight-- he was sweating like a hooker in church- granted it was 80 and humid as hell tonight but he and the boys definitely brought their A game.... I've been to 100s of shows and tonight was in the top 10-15 of all time and I base that solely on the performance, musical quality, vocal quality, and enthusiasm for giving a great performance. I DID GET THE CD BUT THEY WERE SCARE AND HARD TO FIND- I ACTUALLY LEFT PISSED THAT I DIDNT GET ONE AND WAS TALKING ABOUT IT AND A WOMAN HANDED ME HERS- SAID SHE GOT 4 AND HAD AN EXTRA [thanks paynegod]


    wooooo I got back from the concert like 3 hours ago! It was AMAZING!!! I was right in front of the C stage and oh man I saw them like SOOOOOO CLOSE! and the C stage was super small so it was like intimate! not like the main stage! SOOOO AMAZING!! My videos arent super long (memory) but I'm uploading them soon along with the few (but great) pics I got [thanks LaurainTechnicolor]


    More on this concert including reviews, videos and pictures here onwards.





















    Pictures: Sun Sentinel


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