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    Coldplay news round-up: iTunes live streaming, Don't Panic Atlantis, marker pen competition

    itunes11.jpgA reminder that Coldplay's iTunes festival performance today (Friday) will be streamed live across the internet via iTunes or XFM (for those without Applestuff.) We're having a listening party in the Coldplay Live forum for those who want to listen synchronously. We hope there will be some setlist surprises as per Phil Harvey's tweet, and if your wish-lists are anything to go by, it will be a highly anticipated gig. Here's the latest from Anchorman:


    This Friday (July 22), Coldplay will perform at London's Roundhouse venue as part of the 2011 iTunes Festival. The whole performance will stream live to all 23 countries with an iTunes Store, via iTunes on PC/Mac and on the iTunes Festival app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. For more information on how to watch, head to itunesfestival.com. Coldplay are due on at 9.15pm BST (click here to see what time that is where you are). And do tune in at 7.45pm to see the support set from The Pierces, whose wonderful album was produced by Guy. The show will also be broadcast live on Xfm radio, and via the station's website (NB: you'll need a UK postcode to listen online).


    Wembley Stadium's postcode is HA9 0WS for those who have forgotten where you live in the UK.

    Space shuttle Atlantis has already landed back on Earth, bringing to a close America's 30-year orbiter programme, but during its flight the astronauts were woken on two of the days with Coldplay music - the first was by Viva La Vida and the closing day was Don't Panic. Hear and discuss both of these out-of-this-world streams at the Coldplay forum now.


    Use of music to awaken astronauts on space missions dates back at least to the Apollo Program, when astronauts returning from the moon were serenaded by their colleagues in mission control with lyrics from popular songs that seemed appropriate for the occasion. Usually picked by flight controllers or by crew members’ friends and family members, most wakeup calls are musical, but sometimes include dialog from movies or TV shows. The playlist is eclectic, ranging from rock, country, classical, bluegrass and jazz, to children’s choruses and songs from the countries of international crewmembers. The recording is usually followed by a call from the CAPCOM in Mission Control, wishing the crew a good morning.


    Finally, the latest edition of the Coldplay Messenger (via email) has details of a new competition to win a signed Coldplay marker pen. The competition details are: For the Viva tour, a small batch of special Coldplay-branded marker pens were made, and given out to the crew. They disappeared very quickly, but we've managed to find one, which we're going to get signed and give away to you folks. If you'd like to win this super-rare bit of Coldplay memorabilia, then just email your name and address to [email protected] before Tuesday 2nd August. (One entry per person, please.)


    New photos of Coldplay (well, Chris Martin again) - Oxegen festival, Ireland (10th July, 2011):














    Photo by peterneill @ Flickr


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