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    Destination Burkina Faso?! Coldplay on Graham Norton

    Coldplay on Graham Norton show - Friday 30th May

    A very tounge in cheek title as Chris and Jonny provided Coldplayers with some Friday night humour. The band's appearance on The Graham Norton show was pre-filmed, so we knew beforehand that the interview would involve Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland in addition to the full band performing A Sky Full of Stars live.


    A star studded sofa full of guests on the night included : Legendary actor Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt who stars beside Tom in their new film, Edge of Tomorrow, Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy and a star in his brand new film, A Million Ways To Die In The West and the actress Charlize Theron who stars alongside him. Highlights of the show before Coldplay's performance included Tom Cruise talking about being on top of the world's tallest building as you can see below!




    Blimey! I wouldn't want to fall so farrr (i'll get my coat!). Also impressive was Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane who made us laugh with impressions of Stewie and Brian and explanations of how Quagmire started as a character.


    After all the introductions, the main show started when Coldplay took to the stage with A Sky Full of Stars with the 'ghost piano' and the catchy hook transcending into the energetic track where Chris prances about the stage belting out the lyrics while "Cos in a sky, in a sky full of stars" then repeating "I think I saw you" before the stage explodes into life which ends with a flurry of star shaped confetti we have become so used to by now.




    After the confetti had fallen on the floor and the band had played their final note, Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland walked over to Graham Norton who shook their hands and invited them over to the coach to join the other stars. Blue Nails on our forums was of the opinion Chris knew Tom because they had some routine hug going on! Jonny and Tom were all smiles as they shook each others hands.



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    Graham started off by congratulating Chris and Jonny for Ghost Stories reaching number 1 and said he believes the album has reached number 1 in over 70 countries! Chris replied with "I can tell you where it didn't get to number 1" as Chris reached into his pocket for a card provided by Mr Dave Holmes, Coldplay's manager to which Chris reads from, "Cambodia, Mongolia, The Bahamas and Burkina Faso" and continued with "And its number 3 in Tajikistan" which prompted laughs from everyone and Graham Norton amusingly pondering who is number 1 there?! Mr Norton then continued, asking Jonny how it must be great to have the job he does and to be Jonny Buckland while Jonno replies with a modest and cheeky smile, "Yeah, its alright" and talk was then about Chris having to convince Jonny to sit with him. Then, after being asked by Graham if people reckonise him, Jonny humorously commented, someone did this morning as he reacted in a mixture of aggression and surprise with "How do you know my name???!!!" with Chris adding "Its him you want!" referring to himself. Chris then explained a funny story which involved Jonny and Will at the Grammies which involved them being approached and being asked whether they are doing the catering!!! There were laughs all around as Chris re-enacted the scene with "these sandwiches are very good...".




    Graham Norton asked Jonny and Chris whether they are planning to do a big tour as the guys quickly replied with "no" in a comedic moment which saw Graham pause then go "ok", "err..that's an exclusive right there!" following with "and, you can't buy tickets...now!" Chris hit us again with his sharp sense of humour that the band are infact "doing an extensive promo tour in Burkina Faso"!!! Oh Chris... The show finished with the brilliant red chair feature in which a lever can be pulled by the guests to eject the person featured from the chair. One person who wasn't ejected was Nicole, a production coordinator who according to Chris Martin who we are not sure whether he is joking or not, works for the band! Anyhow, the story about projectile vomiting was rather interesting but I won't go into further details!




    If you are a UK Coldplayer, if you are quick enough, you can rewind the BBC1 iPlayer to re-watch it or wait until its available on demand or another great bet would be to watch the multimedia forum for links as they appear!


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