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    Coldplay perform "Oceans" on Radio 1 Live lounge, new TV trailer & a tidal wave of dates to shout about!

    I mentioned yesterday, nothing is really expected to happen today with major live dates happening at the end of the week, oh how that proved to be wrong! Coldplay made a surprise visit to the BBC Radio 1 studios just after mid-day in London where they performed Magic and Oceans which was heard for the first time to those who did not attend the secret shows (which is pretty much all of us!). The band revealed they will be headlining Radio 1's big weekend in Glasgow with the delighted Will Champion stating :


    "We are absolutely thrilled to have been asked to play Radio 1's Big Weekend.


    "Playing in Glasgow is always been so much fun and Radio 1 have always been wonderful to us so it couldn't really be any better!"


    (Courtesy of Radio 1's Newsbeat)



    (thanks to rafaelchampion for the image above)


    Firstly, the brilliant Magic was cool and laid back as ever.



    Then the dark and mysterious Oceans with the the submarine sonar effect from Will captured the hearts of many Coldplayers!



    The first general reaction on the forums was that Oceans was so alike to material off Parachutes which went down very well. I expected before hearing Oceans for the first time, based on the description of fans who saw the band play it live at the secret shows that it would be a slow song (which it is), the track would have a feel similar to Atlas which was not too far off but the 'old school Coldplay' feel about it was outstanding and at the same time, it wasn't exactly what were expecting to hear in a positive way.


    Here is what some of our fans had to say about Oceans on the forums




    It's a long time since Chris's icy beautiful and falsetto vocals have been allowed to return to the fore. It's been too long and it sounds as beautiful as it did 10+ years ago. No need for overdubs and the drowning of his voice from production as was the case on MX and some of VLV.


    Oceans = vintage Coldplay. That's praise indeed if, like me, you didn't like MX.


    Squibby92 :


    This has been my favourite track so far that I've heard from GS. Thought it was stunning and so laid back, I agree with what a lot of people are saying, that this is the closest to the Parachutes album we've heard. Hearing this today just got me even more excited for the new album


    and finally, another mini review by Laura42 :


    I haven't been in this forum for a while, but today I felt the desire to return because I have to say that I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!! I liked Midnight and Magic although they don't sound like classic Coldplay, but I think they are a great change of direction after Mylo Xyloto (from which I'm not a big fan) but this song is so Parachutes that made me feel like I was listening to a lost track from that album... As kaisin said I know bands should evolve, but it's wonderful to hear a song that sounds like the old times when I became a fan a I used to listen Parachutes and AROBTTH over and over again




    Next piece of today's news involves and upcoming interview featuring Chris Martin and Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 in the UK on Monday 28th April, 8PM GMT/UK time.


    Watch the interview preview below that features the studio version of "Always in My Head"



    And now breathe......for a few seconds but get ready for the next piece of big news....


    That NBC special that has been talked about for around a month will be airing around the release of Ghost Stories. This will not be an NBC exclusive show but a TV airing across the world! which will include the UK. Some of the dates are listed below with UK and other countries dates on the way! More about that when Coldplay announce the full screenings.


    US: 18 May, 7pm ET/PT - NBC

    Canada: 18 May, 7pm ET/PT - NBC

    Italy: 19 May, 9.10pm - Sky Uno

    Spain: 19 May, 7.15pm - Canal+1

    France: 22 May, 11.15pm – France 2


    And to save one of the best videos for last, watch this spine tingling trailer below!



    All live performances are available on our multimedia forum. Remember to sign up first!


    A big thanks to everyone on the Coldplaying forums for your contributions to this, you have all been fantastic!

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