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    Coldplay Release Old Songs on Spotify

    While Spotify has always had the essential Coldplay anthems, it has been missing some unappreciated gems such as Gravity and Moving to Mars. Today they have added the remaining singles and EP's on their discography!

    Every Teardrop is a Waterfall EP

    Several singles and EP's were missing from Spotify especially those from the X&Y-Era. The Every Teardrop is a Waterfall EP has been added which contains the Single Version of Major Minus and of course Every Teardrop, but the EP also contains quite an under appreciated song called Moving To Mars!



    Moving to Mars was only played once at the iTunes Festival on Friday 22nd July 2011. Before performing the song, Chris said "We're gonna play a new song. And depending on the next five minutes, we might never play it anywhere else"

    Viva La Vida

    The Viva La Vida single was also released on Spotify which has a b-side called Death Will Never Conquer.



    While the song was left off of the album, it was given away as a free download on July 14 on coldplay.com to mark the beginning of the Viva La Vida Tour and eventually featured as the B-side to the Viva La Vida CD single.


    The song was also a regular part of the tour’s setlist alongside other album songs, where drummer Will Champion takes a rare lead vocal. This is a live-only feature, as Chris Martin sings vocals as normal in the released studio version of the song. It is a very short country song on acoustic piano.

    Violet Hill

    Violet Hill was released alongside a strange b-side named A Spell A Rebel Yell.



    The song, along with many others, didn’t make it onto the album. It was instead released as the b-side to a 7″ vinyl limited edition single release of Violet Hill, free with NME magazine on May 7th 2008.


    The song got its debut radio play on Zane Lowe’s show on BBC Radio One on 6th May 2008, shortly after 7pm BST. It is often likened to the shoegazing genre and comes across as a very experimental track.

    The Hardest Part

    The popular download single, The Hardest Part was also released with b-side How You See The World!



    How You See the World was a B-side to The Hardest Part and also What If. Both were Live at Earl’s Court. The song was released with the Japanese version of X&Y on a bonus disc!


    Famous track Talk was released as a radio edit for streaming today with b-sides Sleeping Sun and Gravity. The latter being a favourite among Coldplay super-fans!



    A solo version of Gravity originally debuted by Chris Martin at the end of one of the bands American tour dates in 2003. A version soon found its way onto the internet and became incredibly sought after by many fans. It came as a shock to many fans when Chris announced that he had given the song to the band, Embrace to record, as many had expected it to feature on the next Coldplay album.


    It was a hit for Embrace and gave the band new life as they re-found commercial and critical success, after being out in the cold since the late 1990’s. Coldplay recorded a full band version for the Talk single and it was quite different, in style, from the Embrace one. It was slower and had a more haunting feel than the Embrace version which was fairly quick and shiny designed to make it more radio friendly. Unsurprisingly, most Coldplay fans prefer the Coldplay version.

    Fix You

    Finally the Fix You single was released with the main track being a shortened "Video-Edit". The single contains b-sides The World Turned Upside Down and Pour Me.



    The World Turned Upside Down is notorious amongst Coldplay staff and fans. When the Coldplay Oracle was writing the Lyrics for the Coldplay.com website, she became stuck on a single lyric within the song.


    "I’ll let you into a secret… it was actually yours truly (me) who was listening to the songs and writing the lyrics back at that time. I sent The World Turned Upside Down – looking much like it does in your question – to Phil as I couldn’t decipher what Chris was saying.

    Both he & Chris struggled to work it out too so we just left it as is.

    Quite frankly if Chris doesn’t know what he’s singing, there’s not much hope for the rest of us!"


    The lyric still remains blank on Coldplay.com today!


    Pour Me was performed throughout Coldplay's A Rush of Blood To The Head tour but was only released during the X&Y-Era. Having first been played in January of 2003, the band played it throughout the year. It was not until May/June when they performed it at the Hollywood Bowl and recorded it for the Fix You single!


    As the song had been heard live long before there was a recorded version, people had assumed it was Poor Me. It wasn’t until it appeared as a b-side on Fix You that everyone could see the title was in fact Pour Me.

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