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    Coldplay Speak Out On Media Reports Of Split

    Coldplay duo, Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland have spoken out over the media reports of a split.


    Since the infamous Zane Lowe interview, at the end of 2014, where the band's frontman announced 'A Head Full Of Dreams' as the title of Coldplay's seventh record (much to the annoyance of his fellow band mates), many media outlets decided to read into Chris' quote (below) as the band breaking up after LP7.


    "It's our seventh thing and the way we look at it is like the last Harry Potter book or something. Not to say there might not be another thing one day but this is the completion of something"


    Coldplay's lead singer and guitarist were asked about this, by Elvis Duran at their iHeart Radio Music Festival appearance last night and Chris repeated their view that 'A Head Full Of Dreams' is the completion of a story.


    "What I alluded to was that we are finishing something that's like a completion of a circle. I don't know what that means in the long run"


    Chris Martin then revealed how Coldplay's upcoming album has been in the pipeline for a while:


    "We had this idea for this album called 'A Head Full Of Dreams' a long time ago and we knew it would take us a while to get there and I don't have any calling after that but I don't know, who knows"




    The general consensus within the Coldplaying community is, LP8 will be very different and there's likely to be a long break after 'A Head Full Of Dreams'. Where do they go after that, nobody knows but there could be an exciting new chapter.


    Future Coldplay Discussion (Post-AHFOD)


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