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    Coldplay to Return to Studio With Naturally 7

    chrismartin2008a.jpgChris Martin was so blown away when he saw Naturally 7 perform earlier this month that he invited them to join Coldplay in the studio the very next day.


    The unusual US band - who combine singing with rap, which they call "Vocal Play" - were delighted when Coldplay's Chris turned up to their gig at London's Le Pigalle club last month, along with producer Brian Eno and Natalie Imbruglia. Chris went backstage afterwards to meet the band and invited them into the studio with the rest of Coldplay the following day. The two bands spent around four hours working on a few ideas and may meet again to work on some tracks.


    Roger N'glish Thomas, baritone and rapper for the group, said: "I didn't quite believe that Chris Martin, Brian Eno, and Natalie Imbruglia had come out to see us perform the night before. But I chose to believe it because my eyes were seeing it. And then we had the opportunity to meet the whole band the next day.

    "I told Chris when he extended the invitation to us, 'There is no other place I'd rather be than hanging out with Coldplay.'

    "The visit was somewhat surreal, which is to be expected when you're talking to musicians you have the highest respect for. We asked a lot of questions about their last album, recording and touring and they asked us a lot of questions about the concept of Vocal Play and our album Wall Of Sound.

    "The night was short, but sweet. And I look forward to whatever happens next!"


    More on this article at the Coldplay forum here onwards.



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