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    Coldplay.com talks to The Pierces following Guy Berryman's co-production

    guyberryman2008a.jpgOn October 25th, two sisters from Alabama known as The Pierces will release a new EP, Love You More. It was produced by Guy Berryman [pictured] alongside Coldplay producer Rik Simpson, so Coldplay.com got in touch with Catherine from the band to find out a bit more. The Pierces are also offering Coldplay fans a free download of their To The Grave track, which you can get here.


    Hello Catherine, how are you?

    I'm very well, thank you. We arrived in London two days ago and so far we are miraculously jet lag free. Also our hotel gave us a free upgrade to a lovely suite...so we are feelin' lucky.


    For those Coldplay fans who haven't heard of The Pierces, what do you sound like?

    Our newest record is really big and beautiful and melodic. We keep getting compared to Fleetwood Mac which is a compliment we'll take any day.

    How long have you been going?

    We've been singing together since we were little kids but we've been doing it professionally for over 10 years now.


    Is it true that you were about to split up when Guy called and asked you to support Coldplay in South America?

    That is true. We were just really frustrated with our label at the time and we'd had so many years of almost making it. We felt stuck so we thought maybe we should split up and do solo records. Then we got the call from Guy and was a very clear sign that we should stay together... for at least one more record!


    And although you didn't do the tour, you did end up working with Guy?

    Yeah, the tour didn't happen, it kept getting postponed, but Guy had some free time so we decided to record some songs. It was clear pretty quickly that we were onto something good. He brought Rik in and it just all came together.


    What were Guy and Rik like to work with as producers?

    They're great. We loved working with them. We had so much fun in the studio but at the same time they were total pros... they know how to get shit done!


    And you recorded in the Bakery? How was that?

    It's an amazing place to record. It has a great vibe and the boys made us feel right at home. We are so happy we got the chance to make music there... unbelievable.


    Guy and Will also contributed musically to the recordings. What exactly did they do?

    Will played drums on a few tracks and Guy played bass on everything and some percussion here and there.


    And presumably you're pleased with the finished article?

    We love it. We can't wait for people to hear it.


    So, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

    We are going to launch the record in the UK and then we plan to tour. We'll actually find out today about our first shows. We're itching to get out there and play again, it's been a while.


    Finally, whenever we interview musicians for Coldplay.com, we ask what their favourite Coldplay track is?

    We love The Scientist. It's just so sad and beautiful. Kinda wish it was one of ours... maybe we should cover it.



    The Pierces


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