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    Coldplay's 'Famous Old Painters' instrumental surfaces online

    coldplaynme.jpgColdplay tracks 'Famous Old Painters' and 'Lukas', as well as an old track called 'Until The Water Flows Over' (better known as Solid Ground) have all surfaced online this week in MP3 instrumental format.


    Famous Old Painters is a song written during sessions for Coldplay's fourth album, Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, but was ultimately left off the album. The song came about around October 2007 when it was introduced alongside Glass Of Water in Prospekt's journal on October 29, 2007. Today though, it is heard in instrumental format; the source is believed to be a mobile downloads site.


    Discuss the Famous Old Painters instrumental (and whether or not you still think it is fake!) at the Coldplay forum now - and don't forget to add to our latest poll. You can hear the complete collection of instrumentals that are available now at the Multimedia forum [thanks coldplaykb, joecortazzo, Juanma8 & KingChris]

    Here are some of your comments about the Famous Old Painters track:


    Give me real, don't give me fake..., and this is case. For real, this is real. "Famous old painters all over the world..." [thanks locust7]


    well said! it appears famous old painters is definitely real! which is really so cool to have heard it after so long. once again, this confirms to me that songs coldplay throw away are always great as well. if that had full instrumentation and vocals it would be just incredible. i'm also happy to have a version of lukas minus natalie imbruglia to be honest... [thanks footyfan10]


    I doubt very much that this one is real. Where has it been, while Lucas and other demos from Viva session have long been floating in the net? Though it is lovely and sounds very coldplay-ish it is too repetitive. [thanks lafinion]


    It didn't leak from some anonymous person, it was bundled with very legitimate perviously unheard Coldplay instrumentals for album tracks. For anyone who doesn't know the story, the same source is hosting Lukas and Chris is very easily heard in the track, as well as Solid Ground, from the X&Y sessions. It's very real imo. [thanks joshtimo]


    As much as I love it, I can see why it wasn't on Viva. It's a good song but it's not very interesting put up next to songs on Viva. But I do think it would have been a much better song to be on Prospekt's instead of Lost+. [thanks Technicolor Liver]


    It's...wow, extremely pretty, but to me it has fake written all over it. There's nothing in there that seems uniquely them at all to me, nothing that couldn't be produced by talented copycats. Also, as said above, it doesn't fit the description we have of it. Without a voice, or something that just SCREAMS Jonny/Guy/Will, I don't buy this for a second. [thanks ApproximatelyInfinite]



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