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    Coldplay's Latin American tour dates revealed by Vevo - announcement expected soon

    latinamerica_1.jpgA Latin American tour announcement moved a step closer last night as it appears that Vevo (a reputable source given that they control Coldplay's video channel on YouTube) revealed new tour dates online through their own website and mobile site. While the venues are the same as those previously rumoured back in mid-August, there are still discrepancies over the dates (see screenshots below/after the jump).


    There has been no official word yet on the exact dates, but the countries most likely to be host to potential concerts following this latest discovery are still expected to include Brazil (3 dates), Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Peru seemed to have already been ruled out by a promoter recently. Hopefully we will get more more on any new dates soon - the 2010 tour in February/March of that year was announced almost six months earlier. -which means we are expecting an official announcement on the 2013 tour any day now.


    More discussion on the Vevo discovery and expected announcement is at the Coldplay Live forum now [thanks Prospector & SarahSchimidt]

    Hope is building for Latin American Coldplayers. The Oracle said back in October last year, "There are no steadfast tour plans other than what we have announced. I wouldn't like to say yes or no but if there's a world tour coming, I'd be surprised if they didn't visit you again sometime."


    And when asked back in 2010 after the Coldplaying boat trip, whether Latin American fans would have to wait 2 years after touring begins (as in 2007 and 2010) for Coldplay to come back to Latin America, fifth member Phil Harvey said, "We haven’t made any firm plans for touring yet. But personally speaking… I’d like to get back to Latin America asap."


    The unconfirmed dates that have been rumoured online are as follows... (thread titles sujbect to change)


    28 February (or 27 March) 2013 - Estádio Olímpico João Havelange, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [discussion]

    2 March (or 1 April) 2013 - Estadio Do Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil [discussion]

    7 March (or 6 April) 2013 - Arena Do Gremio, Porto Alegre, Brazil [discussion]

    9 March (or 8 April) 2013 - Estadio Ciudad De La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina [discussion]

    12 March (or 11 April) 2013 - Estadio Centenario, Montevideo, Uruguay [discussion]

    14 March (or 13 April) 2013 - Estadio Nacional, Nunoa, Santiago, Chile [discussion]



    Coldplay's Latin American tour dates - according to Vevo yesterday (30th September 2012)



    Vevo's Coldplay page showing the tour dates on the right hand column



    Same Latin American tour dates, but with different dates, from Vevo's mobile site


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