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    Coldplay's Oracle On Classical Pieces At Coldplay's Shows

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    January 7, 2009 - submitted by Jason, United Kingdom

    Q. I saw Coldplay in Birmingham on December 6th and during the concert Chris played a beautiful piece of classical music. It was piece I recognised but do not know the name of.......what was it? I would love to know cheers. Jason

    The Oracle replies:

    There were actually two classical/instrumental piano pieces played. One was after the stage b set and was an original composition Postcards From Far Away that is on Prospekt's March. As you say you recognised it, chances are that it was the equally beautiful yet haunting piece Chris plays at the end of Politik. It's the sublime Gnossienne No. 1 by Erik Satie.

    January 7, 2009 - submitted by Daan, United Kingdom

    Q. Happy New Year, Oracle!

    I am embroiled in an imbroglio; exactly which version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" did Coldplay record for the limited edition EP Mince Spies, back in 2001? Was it the one that you have on the time line on this site, which is also the one that was recently (re-)aired, and put up for download, by Radio 1, who said Chris had come especially to record it in their studio, or is it the version where Chris says at the beginning of it "This is take 4 of Have yourself a merry christmas, just for *something sounding like "Kay"* Rock, Los Angeles. Ready?", which is also the version to be found on Youtube, adorned by a cover of the EP, when you search for "Coldplay have yourself a merry little christmas"?

    I know I have a habit of writing criminally long sentences. Apologies.

    The Oracle replies:

    It was the former version you mention. Recorded for a radio 1 Christmas show session that appeared on the Mince Spies CD. The latter was a recording for an American radio station KROQ.


    January 6, 2009 - submitted by Bonnie, United States of America

    Q. Good to have you back Oracle! Can you please tell me if it is British custom to wear paper crowns at Christmas? I have seen this in multiple British films and have always been curious why! Thanks a bunch!

    The Oracle replies:

    The paper crowns are commonly found inside the Christmas cracker that is a Christmas tradition. Each person has a cracker to pull with someone and the contents are various items plus a joke and a paper hat. They're crown like in their appearance due to a Twelfth Night custom where kings and queens would oversee proceedings.


    January 6, 2009 - submitted by kyra, United States of America

    Q. dear Oracle please answer this question...i was just recently on youtube and i saw a video of Chris Martin saying" do you want a twiglet?" over and over again and it looked like it was a video shown on a tv show maybe..what was the tv show or whatever that the twiglet video was on?...if u know and also...wats the story behind that? why is Chris randomly saying "do you want a twiglet?" well whatever the reason..it cracked me up...i really really wanna know. thanks. <^.^>

    The Oracle replies:

    Basically there's a comedy show called The Sunday Night Project in the U.K, each week they have a guest host who joins Justin Collins and Alan Carr. Over Christmas their guest was Simon Pegg. One of the show's features is a Q&A segment where members of the audience ask the host any question they like. During the festive edition they showed a video clip of Chris repeatedly asking Simon if he'd like a twiglet. And that's that!


    January 6, 2009 - submitted by Helmut, Austria

    Q. Hi! Who is the "swedish friend" Johnny Cash is singing about in his song "Hurt" ?


    The Oracle replies:

    Bless you Helmut, I guess it does sounds like he's singing "Swedish" but in fact the lyric is "sweetest friend"! It's not his song though, Hurt was written and originally recorded by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). FYI: Back in 2005 when Coldplay and Nine Inch Nails headlined Coachella festival, Chris sang a snippet of Hurt during their set on the first night in honour of NIN playing the following night.




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