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    Coldplay's Oracle on Eric Satie, Jo Whiley and... Roadie #42's cat

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    October 8, 2009 - submitted by Andrei, Romania

    Q. Hey Oracle! You mentioned Eric Satie in one of your previous questions, saying Chris can play his music. How come I haven't heard about it? Is there a recording or will it be at some point in the future? I would love to hear my two musical obsessions finally clashing! p.s. please let it be gymnopedie no. 1!

    The Oracle replies:

    I don't know how come you haven't heard about it because I have in fact answered this question a few times in various guises. Even Roadie #42 makes reference to it in his latest blog. Sadly there isn't an official recording of it though; it's sublime.

    October 8, 2009 - submitted by Jeannie, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle, you fabulous, fabulous creature! Who is Joe? At the end of White Christmas in the Maida Vale studio recording Chris says "Happy Christmas, Joe", and at the BBC outdoor show to launch the VIVA tour in the song Yellow instead of saying "you know I love you so" he says "you know I love you Joe". so, who is Joe?

    The Oracle replies:

    It's Jo not Joe - a woman- Jo Whiley who was instrumental in Coldplay's early airplay on Radio 1. She has become a friend of the band over the years and they often do dedications for her when she's around which she was on both the aforementioned occasions.


    October 8, 2009 - submitted by John, United States of America

    Q. Is Roadie #42 a cat? If not whose cat was on Roadies #42's post?

    The Oracle replies:

    Cats can't talk or type so no, he's not a

    . That cat does belong to him though. Miaow.






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