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    Coldplay's Oracle on online Coldplay hoaxers

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    April 23, 2009 - submitted by Neil Norton, Switzerland

    Q. Dear Oracle, I am very pleased with Coldplay's twitter account, and with the many updates that get posted. However, my question pertains to an account called "chrismartin72" and I was just wondering if this account has any legitimate association with the band. Thanks!

    The Oracle replies:

    Absolutely none. There are many bogus characters on some social networking sites claiming to be band members, tread with caution, as I'd say all of them are hoaxers.

    April 23, 2009 - submitted by sam, Australia

    Q. Hi Oracle! Speaking of The Scientist (my fav song!)Chris said at the Sydney concert that he dedicated this song to 'Dr Emily'...who is this?? (is this his friends girlfriend?) ...Also, my other question is why did the band make 2 videos for Trouble? ...I know I'm asking for a lot, but can you please tell me what your fave Coldplay song is...(I'm dying to know, and I'm sure everyone else is too!!)

    Thanks so much Oracle :)

    The Oracle replies:

    Emily is Emily Bart-Smith who I have mentioned before as once being a member of The High Wire (with Tim Crompton). There were 2 Trouble videos because the original video featuring the sinister imagery and tying up was deemed too dark for the U.S. My favourite song changes depending on my mood but I am huge fan of Politik and Such a Rush.


    April 23, 2009 - submitted by aimee, United States of America

    Q. I am grieving the death of my Grandfather and my boyfriend thinks I'm wasting my time basically. My libido with him sux and I'm being completely hot and cold... in response to his attitude. I know he is being insincere, but I still want to apologize for being so vacant these past few days. and I hope we go back to how we always have been.

    The Oracle replies:

    Why should you apologize? If you want my honest opinion, and I assume you do, he's being selfish. You are in mourning and need time to grieve your loss. He should respect that and act accordingly by giving you all the time, space and support that you need right now. It's my belief that he's the one that should be apologizing and if he needs help with that, give him my link and let him ask away.




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