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    Coldplay's Stripped performance available online now (worldwide)

    strippedthmb.jpgColdplay.com have today posted a reminder that you can now check out Coldplay's "Stripped" acoustic session online. The performance took place at the Capitol Records Studio in Hollywood, CA on July 19, 2009. You can discuss this performance at the Coldplay forum here onwards. Here's Anchorman with more details:


    Good afternoon. You might remember that, back in July, Roadie #42 wrote about a Stripped acoustic session which Coldplay recorded in LA's Capitol Records building. Well, you can now watch the session on iheartradio's site by clicking here. And it's quite a treat. Anchorman


    Here's what Roadie #42 wrote about the intimate show: "In the spirit of keeping things interesting, there's nothing like a quick "two gigs in one day, in two separate cities" to keep you on your toes. The band have been booked in to do a radio recording at the Capitol Records building to a very small audience. Beyond this, details have been decidedly sketchy. Eventually, the day is upon us and things begin to take shape...

    It's actually my first visit to the Capitol Records building. It's such a completely iconic structure in both the LA skyline and the music business, that like a Beatles song or a Pink Floyd album cover, you can't help but feel like you've known it all your life.


    The show is entitled "stripped", so the band are doing it in a largely acoustic fashion. Chris admits during the show that these kind of things are more nerve-wracking than the big outdoors gigs. Hardly surprising really, given that they've been rehearsing the big gigs for a year now, whereas the rehearsal for this? Erm, well, I'm sure they discussed the setlist in the van down here...


    As far as instrumentation goes, there's a small upright piano, some acoustic guitars and for Mr Champion? Well, he starts off with a cardboard tape-reel box (and given the history of this place, I guess I really should have read the label...). He soon discards this and upends a dustbin, before finally settling on a huge empty water bottle from the cooler in the corner. It's rough around the edges and somewhat shaky to begin with, but once they find their feet on Viva, it's clearly going to be a win. They go on to do some of the C-Stage favourites in fine form before pointing out that it's time to head over to get back to the day-job.




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