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    Eno’s Coldplay Collaboration A Triumph, Says Sonic State

    Coldplay Collaboration with Brian Eno is a triumph, say Sonic State.


    Brian Eno produced the new album by Coldplay Viva La Vida along with Arcade Fire producer Marcus Dravs. The album was recorded in an old Bakery between Camden and Primrose Hill near London. A location chosen for its anonymity so that the band was not unduly interrupted by fans during the recording. Here's what Sonic State said about the album on first listen:


    Not being the greatest Coldplay followers here at Sonic it would perhaps be unfair to comment on the music, but the production on first listen is a pure delight. We can highly recommend giving the album a casual ear for a lesson in how-to-produce-that-difficult-album-for-a-bunch-of-poshos-from-Cornwall type of deal.

    The resulting Viva La Vida (or Death And All His Friends) is the follow-up to 2005's X&Y, which was the best-selling album of that year. It has gone on to sell 10 million copies.


    Violet Hill, their first UK release from the new album, was made available as a free download on the band's website last month and as a free 7” vinyl cover mounted single from the NME. NME sold out in record time and the single was downloaded two million times in one week - enough to out-sell the entire Top 40 four times over.


    The album is officially released on June 17, but MySpace users have been given a chance to listen to it through the band's MySpace profile.


    Source: Sonicstate.com

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