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    Enough Rope Interview With Chris Martin

    ANDREW DENTON: So you guys went and played a kind of an acoustic gig.


    CHRIS MARTIN: Yes, we went busking. Yes.


    ANDREW DENTON: In the car park. What was that like?


    CHRIS MARTIN: Well busking is great. We've only been busking twice. The first time was, our drummer Will and myself had no money and this must have been in 1999, and we both were saying to each other, "You're really good at singing and I think we were quite talented," and he would say to me, "No, I think you're really quite talented, and you know we really could do something." So we had this great self-importance.So one day we said, "Okay, we're going to go into the middle of London because we're great at music," obviously, and we're going to set the town on fire with busking, and on a Saturday we're going to have all the kids round and we're going to make tonnes of money and we're going to fill our hats or caps. I can't remember the specific headgear. We know we're going to really make everyone's afternoon great and we went busking, and we were there for five minutes and we played Mrs Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel, and then we played, I think, something from 'The Jungle Book', and then we got moved off by the police.


    And we made nothing. So that's when we decided that doing covers probably was not going to - and then we realised we weren't actually as good as we thought so we went back to square one.


    Download the full interview here [thanks Larry & coldplay_97] and read the full interview here

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