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    Happy St. Odes Day! (9 years today)

    Happy St. Odes Day! (9 years today)

    9 years ago, the rarest Coldplay rare of them all appeared online - Ode To Deodorant. The recording, which was a demo and never professionally released, surfaced on the Coldplaying.com forums much to the amazement and pure delight of fans worldwide.


    The accompanying photo of The Coldplay's cassette features a contact phone number, which belonged to Coldplay's manager back then (and now creative boss), Phil Harvey. The number, unsurprisingly went out of service, sometime after it's origin date in 1998! I did try the number for the curious fans out there, as you do hear stories of mobile companies allocating old numbers but there was no 'puzzled person gets a call from hundreds of Coldplay fans' story i'm afraid!


    Let's look back at the Coldplaying archives, specifically at the original post of upload which rocked the world of Coldplaying:



    [13 January 2006, 10.34pm GMT] Ode to Deodorant Is Posted


    For all Coldplay and Coldplaying.com fans, Ode to Deodorant, that long-elusive rarity, is now available for listening.


    After many months of waiting and over 120 pages of discussion by fans on the Coldplaying.com messageboard, the elusive and -- until now -- rarely heard demo tape of Ode to Deodorant has at last been uploaded!


    Accompanied by the earliest version of Brothers and Sisters, "Ode" has until now been unavailable to most fans for listening. The amusing lyrics are accompanied by what can only be described as early Coldplay, but clearly foreshadow the music fans have come to love.


    Fan made artwork below by, atomicadaver back in 2006. I don't know where you are now but thanks Dave!




    There is a remastered version on the Coldplaying forum thread for Ode To Deodorant still, in FLAC format, you can download it here.


    Or if you were on Coldplaying when it happened (I do remember it and the craziness that occurred!), give us a shout and reminisce


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