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    Hudson Hank release Daybreak, album produced by Guy Berryman (watch interview)

    When your album is being produced by Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman, you know you’re going to reach a lot of ears, writes American Songwriter this week. Innovative New York-based rock band Hudson Hank scored Berryman’s help for their debut album DayBreak which has been released this week (17th September). Watch this Hudson Hank and Guy Berryman interview via YouTube below. You can stream the album via Soundcloud now.

    American Songwriter continues: Before forming Hudson Hank, songwriter and arranger Sammy Oatts spent time performing in Broadway orchestras – he met Berryman when he was called in to help arrange the strings on an album Berryman was producing.“Being in the driver’s seat for the first time was a real coming of age,” Oatts says. “Having been involved in many other facets of the recording process in our careers certainly lent some good perspective, but the songwriting process is its own animal and you have to grow with it. Working with Guy Berryman really gave us the opportunity to let the tunes develop organically. I’m generally very melody-oriented, and you can’t force a good melody, in my experience. Like most great producers, Guy has a solid handle on the big picture, which allowed us to delve a bit deeper into the process. We feel super-fortunate to have made this musical connection and can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”You can purchase Hudson Hank's new album Daybreak via iTunes now.Supplementary information you may be interested in...

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