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    Is today the day we call 'LP5' something else? Coldplay new album announcement expected later

    christhmb.jpgAccording to EMI Music Chile on Twitter, today (Friday) is the day we will find out what Coldplay will be calling their fifth album, along with the cover art for the record. EMI Chile make no reference to the release date or tracklisting. The tweet said "Mañana les contaremos como se llamará el nuevo disco de Coldplay y les mostraremos la portada del quinto disco de los ingleses. Atentos!" which roughly translates into: "Tomorrow [Friday] we will tell you the name of the new Coldplay album and we will show you the artwork."


    There has been no further tweet since then, but if anyone was in doubt over the validity of the EMI Chile twitter account, it is part of the EMI Worldwide twitter feed which features embedded on the front page of the official EMI Music website, so there is no reason to suggest that there won't be some kind of announcement in the next few hours. According to some, the news will come via coldplay.com around 11.45am (BST).


    You can read some of your comments so far on this development after the jump, or go directly to the LP5 sub-forum and read all the threads relating to LP5... we'd love to hear your thoughts on the new information if and when we hear an announcement... [thanks JM-SP2, Lore & the_escapist]

    Okay. Now I'm almost sure tomorrow there will be news. First, Coldplay Peru (they have direct contact with EMI) has been teasing about some announcement "soon", so my first guess was that it was something about the community and nothing relevant about LP5. But now, Coldplay Mexico (who also have contact with EMI) is saying that tomorrow "it's gonna be a very special day" and that we have to stay alert. Of course, it could be about a Latin America Tour but that's hardly possible. [thanks JM-SP2]


    Looking forward to the moment in 3 hours when this whole stupid "Mylo Xyloto" stuff will be proved wrong and we will have an album name and artwork that sounds and looks decent... Counting down... [thanks Coldplaying Wombat]


    I hate to be pessimistic but I think Chris was just guessing in that interview. As much as I'd love an announcement on the new album, I can't see it happening until at least the end of the month. I hope I'm wrong but that's my view on the situation. [thanks squibby92]


    I really hope it's an album announcement with a single as well then they would have time to release a third single before the predicted album date, and I reckon single number three might just be Mylo Xyloto, bring on the catchiest Coldplay tune to date, that we have yet to hear. [thanks Jamesfish]


    Whoa whoa whoa, so chris said we'd know the title in 6 weeks, and here we are 6 weeks later about to (supposedly hear the title)...so does that mean Chris was actually...right about something important for once? Hmm...I'm having trouble comprehending this... Isn't this a sign of the apocolypse? [thanks JackZ]


    Exciting news! Could make sense. With Viva La Vida they announced the album name and artwork at the end of March and revealed the full tracklisting a couple of weeks later! What are the chances we will all be surprised by the name of the album like last time with Viva La Vida...admittedly it sounded a horrible cheesy name, but boy the album did not disappoint! [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    Some people are getting a bit carried away. EMI are releasing the Album Artwork and Title. If they were going to release the Tracklisting, they would have said so. I think the final track listing will be released on Coldplay.com by the band themselves or by Phil, when it has finally been decided. I imagine the artwork is going to look like Chris' piano. All album and single releases have had a theme since AROBTTH. think of the AROBTTH album artwork and how similar the single artworks were. same for X&Y - same Baudot code theme. Viva - the old art workings with paint splashed on the front of the singles. Then look at ETiAW - I imagine the artwork not being too dissimilar in terms of the vibrance and also the font. [thanks Bonus_mosher]


    I just went on the ColdplayMexico Twitter, and it seems to be directly affiliated to EMI. Time looks valid too, 5:45 AM Mexico time would mean an 11:45 AM London time, perfect for an announcement. Oh, and the announcement ACCORDING to their twitter will be made on the Coldplay.com website. [thanks carlosdanumba24]


    I'm skeptical now with everything that's happened and yet it's related to EMI so how can it be fake? I suppose it really can't. But it's all a matter of time. I hope they are telling the truth. I'm just still distrusting from when we got burned by BBC Radio 4 with that 'interview' they had. Alright. I hate to commit metaphorical CPing suicide here but. I can't help but think they're going to name it after a (great) Marilyn Manson song. This is the New SH** Imagine that. I have no idea what the name will be. I'd like to know but it doesn't tell us much unless they explain it. It could sound like an awful title, be explained, and then be amazingly deep or still suck anyway. And. In the spirit of the ETIAW simlie. If the tracklist isn't included there's a chance I might be shedding some waterfalls so I'd get the barrels ready because you'll all be going over. [thanks Fix42YellowClocks]


    One part of me may not like the title ( I had a serious WTF moment when learning about LP4's title ) ...cause, really titles in isolation have no deep meaning to me, but I'm still excited we will be finally getting the news (I hope) . [thanks laga]



    EMI Chile's tweet, translating roughly into: ""Tomorrow [Friday] we will tell you the name of the new Coldplay album and we will show you the artwork."


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